Stay in nice USA hotels for 30 dollars per night this summer, tax included!

Update: this deal is over. Look for it again in 2014.

I normally don’t buy points, but there is an amazing opportunity for those of you , who are flexible on  dates and places for this summer vacation. Every year American Express runs a promotion on the website, where they sell hotel loyalty points at a discount. There are packages under July 1st for IHG program, where 15000 points will run you 100 dollars without Amex card or 90 dollars with one. Why is this significant?

Normally, the hotels in this program are somewhat expensive with points, with average price of 20000 points per night.  However, every 2 months, they have a list of Point Breaks hotels, where all the hotels on the list cost just 5000 points , or 30 dollars through the promotion, I mentioned. You can put a nice road trip , by connecting the hotels during your travel. Some flexibility is required, though, because after you purchase the points, it will take around 7 days to post to your account. The hotel, you want , may be gone by than.

There are quite a few decent options, some probably close to, where you live. Even if you buy the points directly from, it will be 67.50 all in for 5000 points and should post sooner. Of course, 30 dollars is much better! So, if still interested, do the following. Go to and select reward nights, than view their point breaks list. Find something worthwhile? Join the program, than go to and find IHG packages from July 1st. Buy the points, wait for them to post to your account. Enjoy your road trip with your 30 dollar per night hotels!

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