how one credit card sign-up bonus paid for 7 tickets from Florida to Canada

Ok, the flights are one way and they are in economy. But still, pretty cool, right? Such is a tale of 100000 miles British Airways  visa bonus. If I had to pick my most lucrative credit card sign up ever, this would be it. This deal is dead now, but I would like to still highlight it and show what is possible with miles.

A few years ago, Chase came up with 100000 BA visa after just 2000 spent.I really had no use for the miles at the time and we just had a new baby, but the offer seemed too good to pass up. Indeed it was. Well, than they offered a couple of promotions to add an authorized user for extra 5000 miles and so forth, and before I knew it, we had 125000 miles, without ever getting   on their planes. Than I got a similar offer in my name later, but not quite as good. But the miles just sat there and sat there, and I honestly was not sure when we would use them.

Well, last November my sister-in-law talked me into going to Canada. I really hesitated, since we have  a toddler and a 5 year old, but in the end agreed. I had no hope of finding 7 award tickets together (my in-laws were coming too), but still checked my BA account. Well, we did find 7 seats both ways on American airlines, who is a partner. I have redeemed some of my AA miles for several tickets , because it was 12500 miles a piece, instead of 17500 on British airways.

The truth is, BA just went through a change in the program, where it was more expensive for us to get the flights, we needed. And this redemption was not spectacular, we only got 1.38 cents per mile after taxes. But if you read my previous posts, you would see , that I value a mile at 1 cent, so anything over that is fine by me.

Why am I telling you this? Remember, how in the beginning I said , how we ended up with 125000 miles after just 1 card. That one bonus covered tickets, that were running   250 a piece, or 1750 total. The card had an annual fee of 95 dollars, so  technically it’s 1655 dollars. From one card! These are the flights, we would have paid for , if we had to. So, if you ever see 100000 miles offer after 2000 spending, jump on it. Even,  if you can’t use them for 3 years and they devalue somewhat. Even , if they are from  Czech airlines. Actually, scratch that, they robbed me of 25000 miles 2 years ago. It’s a long story  and , yes, I am still a little ticked off about it.  But any other airline affiliated credit card is fine!

P.S. If anyone is reading and cares, I will be in Canada , enjoying my almost free vacation. No posts for awhile.

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