Get those few extra dividend miles before they are gone for good

My  main tool in the “travel almost free” arsenal is credit card bonuses. But I am not opposed to other ways of getting miles and points, and even buy them on occasion.  Therefore the reason for this post. There are rumors that US Airways and American Airlines will merge on November 1st. This is not certain, but I decided to write this post to let readers know, how to help themselves to some dividend miles for free, before it’s too late.

First, an obvious one: get Barclay’s US Airways credit card before it’s gone. Citibank was selected as the issuer for the new airline, so this card is on life support, as we speak. This is the link to the discussion on this card on Flyertalk, though I can’t guarantee your results:

There are also some other ways to get Dividend miles for free:

1) Click on this link https:

Click on “financial”. You will see the opportunity to get 200 free miles for a no obligation quote from 21Centuryinsurance. I did this, and the miles posted in 5 weeks . You can get 2000 miles if you switch, but it’s not required.

2) If instead of “financial”, you click “even more ways”, you will see an opportunity to pick up some free miles from the website “Thewhiteboard”. It’s an opinion panel, kind of like This was more of a pain, because I had to email them a couple of times, but in the end got my 500 miles.

There are other ways to get some miles, like joining their dining program and spending 40 dollars on your first dine, so you may want to look around and see , what you can take advantage of.  As always, only do things, you were going to do anyway, don’t let the miles incentive sway your plans.

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