Was I approved for Chase Southwest Visa?

Well, technically, the application was in my husband’s name, since I am currently tapped out with Chase.  He lets me do this crazy hobby, as long , as he only has to use just one card at a time, to get one mile at a time!  Chase Freedom gives 5 percent cash back on gas currently, but  he could care less, because it’s just too much trouble for him to keep up with different rewards. It’s not, that he is not smart enough to juggle several cards (quite the opposite). It’s because, like most normal people, he just doesn’t want to.

Anyway, I decided to apply for Chase Southwest Visa , that gives 50000 Rapid Rewards  after 2000 dollars in spending during the first 3 months, with 69 dollar annual fee. I am trying to accumulate these points  to take my parents and my whole family to Niagara Falls next June. I have never been there myself, and since they are coming from Europe for a visit , it seems like a good time to see this wonder of the world with people, I care about the most.

A lot of folks have commented, that this Chase offer is sure to come back later this year, and that there is no rush to apply. Perhaps. But unless you are the head of Chase marketing department, there is no way to really know for sure, is there?  I decided to cancel my husband’s Chase Marriott Visa just in case, to not go over allowable credit for our income situation and credit profile. Chase has their own formula for that, and I didn’t want to take a chance and get denied. So long, Marriott Visa, it was fun, while it lasted!

Application result: Instant approval! Yay! This is , where I would insert a photo of fireworks, if I was better at IT, so use your imagination.


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