Welcome MMS readers, please click here first !

Thanks for stopping by! Something I wanted to mention: English is my second language, so please keep that in mind. Arguably, I am starting at the worst possible time. The market is saturated, people hate bloggers for killing the deals, and my recurring theme is “credit card bonuses”. Basically, my mileage runs are credit card apps. Yawn.  And we  travel occasionally. I mean, can it get any worse?

Yet,  I still feel that there are people to be reached in this particular hobby.  Just like mr. Leff and mr. Ingersoll, I was churning cards before it was cool.  But talking to my friends and other middle class  families, I realized,  most are still not aware of what they are missing out on. Using credit card bonuses as a tool, I will blog on achieving travel goals,  that are  realistic for people , like myself. That means mostly economy flights and travel style which I describe as “good value”, rather than budget.

However, I don’t want to be a one trick pony. Which is why this site will feature money saving advice  and  family travel deals. The posts will mention things that pertain to my situation, so when there is a mileage bonus for transferring 50000 dollars to a brokerage firm, you will not see it listed here. When I run out of things to say I will close up shop and move on. It might be next month or next year, I have no idea.

For those not coming back (and that’s most),  read my previous post, that’s all I am asking. Please, keep supporting Daraius’ site to thank him for all the research he makes, to keep everyone in the loop. I consider his blog the Target store of blogs in this industry: unpretentious, good quality, wide appeal, a  little bit for everyone. Sorry, Daraius, if instead you think of it as Nordstrom!  That would have to be  “View from the wing”, right? And, while we are on the subject, I would probably compare “Mommypoints” to Macy’s.  “One mile at a time”, hmm,  Victoria’s Secret perhaps?  And all of them are excellent stores for what they offer!

Last thing: as nice as miles and points are, in the grand scheme of things they don’t really matter that much.

If you liked my post, consider subscribing to my blog and follow me on Twitter, by clicking HERE   You can  find my e-book on Amazon and learn more about miles and points hobby. Also, please recommend me to your family and friends.

11 thoughts on “Welcome MMS readers, please click here first !

  1. Just came across you via the email I recently started getting from MMS. Wow, you are terrific!!! Finally someone talking to the “average joe” !!! -someone who is still new to this “game” and doesnt have anything close to millions of miles- someone who is thrilled to even get free coach flights, who doesnt have the elite status they all talk about, and likely wont ever have enough to redeem for first class or see the inside of one of those airline lounges reserved only for their best customers!! Loved your blog, please keep writing!


  2. @romsdeals and @mindi Thank you, guys! Not sure, how long I will keep it up. I hope to help someone along the way, that would be worth it. Rom, I enjoy your blog, I also prefer AAdvantage to Mileage plus!


  3. Congrats on your MMS interview! I’m a fan of anyone who earns and uses miles and points to make their family’s life better. Though, I have to say I think of myself more as a J. Crew on Final Sale using a 40% off code and free shipping than a Macy’s. 😉 I kid, good luck with your blogging adventure!


  4. @Dave Thank you so much! Several people mentioned my supposed humility, now I have to behave myself! I am actually quite sarcastic and have to be careful not to offend. I do try to treat people with respect.


  5. Wow – My wife had been shut out of the game since the CC law changed (stay at home mom) when I read your tip about using the recon line & CD Interest – never thought that would work – Brilliant!!!


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