But at least I’m doing it!

 I realize the title sounds odd, but stay with me! I would like to keep the number of “rant” posts to a minimum, but this one seems appropriate. The other day I was watching an old episode of “Friends” show where Monica felt her life was a bit dull and lacked excitement. So she joined a tap dancing class but was completely terrible at it. Finally, her teacher yelled out: “Hey, you in the back, you are doing it all wrong!” Without skipping a beat and with a smile on her face, Monica yelled back: “But at least I’m doing it!”

I couldn’t help but relate. While all the other, polished blogs are in the front of the class, moving together in sync, my blog is doing its own crazy dance in the back! To say that the last few days were surreal would be an understatement. First, my MMS interview, than all the Twitter drama, and finally Lucky’s post from “One mile at a time,” citing my post. Let me repeat it again: Ben has linked to the blog written by SAHM, who changes diapers several times per day. What kind  of a crazy miracle is that?

By the way, one of his commenters said that my site has given him a headache. I can see that. I have that effect in person, so it would only seem natural for my blog to do the same thing.

Anyway, I would like to thank everyone who decided to give me another shot. My site looks terrible and editing is badly needed. Right now I am saving money for a new roof, but perhaps someday I can make it look a little more presentable. I really want to create good content. In fact, I  assume, my reader is smarter than me, which probably is the case anyway. This hopefully will force me to come up with something worthwhile. I know your time is valuable and don’t want to waste it.

If you want to see colorful trip reports, my site will disappoint. I will have those occasionally, but my “niche” will be figuring out the deals out there and applying them to an average family.  At least I’m doing it!

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