Should you get Chase British Airways visa or CITI Aadvantage card?

An update: currently Chase BA visa has an annual fee of 95 dollars, not waived.

These are 2 very good offers, floating around currently. They are from  different issuers: CITI and Chase, so there is no reason,  you can’t do both technically. However, not everyone wants to get several cards at a time, and for someone just starting out it’s best to go slow. Plus, that way your minimum spending requirement is more manageable. Let’s look at both:

1) Chase British Airways Visa with 50000 miles after 2000 spend in 3 months, annual fee waived. I actually happen to love Avios miles and got some great value out of them. They can be a tremendous deal for a family, if you know, how to use them. If you want more info on best uses for Avios, click on and do a search for British Airways.

Over the last few years 100000 miles offer on this particular card kept popping up from time to time. The spending  requirement kept creeping up as well. In fact, during the last such offer you had to put 20000 dollars on it during the first year, in order to get the full bonus.

So, this mentioned offer is  pretty standard. But for the first time that I can remember, the annual fee is waived. So, should you just wait and hope for 100000 miles bonus to return? That really depends . Since I like switching cards in order to receive new bonuses, I probably would pass on 100000 miles offer if it had 20000 dollar spending requirement. That is because I would have to divert most of my expenses towards getting that particular bonus. I would have to forgo other cards and miss out on those bonuses along the way.

For someone who does not like switching cards and can manage 20000 dollars in spending per year, I would argue it’s best to wait and see if that offer returns. Otherwise, 50000 Avios with annual fee waived is a very good offer if you churn cards, like me.

2) CITI AAdvantage card with 50000 miles bonus after 3000 dollars in spending in the first 3 months (doable for most families), annual fee waived. Citi is a strange beast of a bank , famous for double browser trick (now dead) and rogue offers from  years ago, that still seem to be active. Not to be mean, but I can kind of see why they had to be bailed out during the financial crisis. CITI is sort of a Chase bank’s dim-witted cousin. There is no indication on when the offer will end. I get no commission, if you apply.

These miles IMHO are most valuable for flights from USA to Europe in the off-season, costing only 40000 miles roundtrip in economy. Also, you can add one way from Hawaii or Caribbean for free, making it a super deal.   Here is a link, from which I get no financial incentive : CLICK

So, which should you pick, if only going with one? I would go with CITI AAdvantage card. I honestly think 50000 miles bonus is as good, as it’s ever going to get with that particular card. Also, this offer may go away at any point. Chase BA Visa most likely will come back  and even if I had to pay an annual fee, I would rather lock in 50000 AAdvantage miles.  What do you think, readers ?

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