Good family lodging deals for Orlando and hugging a computer!

I think I have been doing too much blogging lately. My 5 year old just brought me a piece of paper and told me: “Mommy, here is a drawing of you, hugging a computer.” Yikes. The good news is, she is starting kindergarden in a few days and I will only have one child to neglect! Hey, I never said I was a good mom, just that I was a stay-at-home mom! 🙂

Anyway, back to business. Orlando is a very popular family destination. And for a good reason: Disney world, Universal Studios and Sea World. We live around 1.5 hours away, so usually just make a day trip out of it, when going to amusement parks. But most families, who don’t live nearby, need some sort of lodging, while vacationing in Orlando.

I like to use hotel points as much as possible to offset travel expenses. But sometimes it makes sense to just pay for accommodations. I think Orlando is such a place. Lodging here is fairly reasonable, because competition is steep, forcing prices down. Besides, a traditional hotel room is usually not the best choice for a family with 2 kids, like us.

It looks like the site is having a half off sale on some vacation properties through the end of the year. I like the fact, that they included quite a few condos and town homes, a perfect fit for a family with children.  If you are planning a  getaway to Orlando in the fall or before school starts, this may be of interest to you. Here is a link to the site, also note, that there is an option on the left to sign up for a free newsletter and receive a coupon:

2 thoughts on “Good family lodging deals for Orlando and hugging a computer!

  1. The “hugging a computer” picture made me LOL. Smart girl you have there. Can’t wait until we move to Florida and can do the whole Disney scene together.


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