Increased bonus for Citibank Thank You Preferred card

Update: it looks, like there is a 30000 points bonus offer available, though with  different requirements. Go to my “Best credit card deals for family” for more info.

There is an offer for a Citibank Thank You Preferred credit card, that gives 20000 Thank You points after 1500 dollars in purchases in the first 3 months, very doable for a family. The bonus is good for 200 dollars in gift cards. Walmart is my favorite choice, but there are other options available. It also gives 0 % APR on new balance transfers and purchases for 12 months. There are better bonuses available, see my “Get it and forget it credit cards for family right now” post from July 10th. But for those, who already have those particular cards, this offer may be of interest.

Balance transfer option comes with a 3 percent fee, so I would pass on that offer, unless you have credit card debt and are stuck with a high APR. But 0 % interest on purchases may be useful to families, if you have  a large expense coming up, but don’t have the funds to cover it. That way you can float it for a year, without incurring any interest.  Just make sure, you pay it off, before the promotional period ends. We had to do that a couple of times, because of unexpected medical bills.

This bonus has been hovering at around 15000 points recently, so this offer is a bit better. Also, in the  fine print it says “new cardmembers only”, so there is a good chance you may be able to get it again in the future and colIect a new bonus, after you cancel the original card. I will not be applying personally, because 20000 points is a tad low, but the combination of increased bonus and 0 % APR on purchases may be  of interest to some . The card has no annual fee, so no need to cancel, and gives 2 points per dollar on dining and entertainment purchases. It’s actually a good “keeper” card to have for eating out.

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