I hope I dance

This blog was always meant to be a supplementary site in the industry. You can see from my web design, that I’m not trying to take over the world ! Actually, I might keep it, its my niche now. Second worst looking blog in the industry (no offense to the first one and you know, who you are! ). Anyway, I am perfectly fine doing my own crazy dance in the back, picking up occasional crumbs from the affiliate links. And I used to  take dance classes, while in school, so the analogy sort of fits.

I mentioned before, that I planned to cut back to 3 posts per week. I feel I need to do it, otherwise I will burn out.  My posts may look, like they were cobbled up in 5 minutes. In actuality, a lot of work and thought goes into the process. Am I doing it right? You tell me.

Even my silly posts usually have a message behind them, believe it or not. Like the time, I jokingly referred to Matt from Saverocity and his Twitter account. What I really wanted to do, is point you to his site, because it’s a good quality blog.

It’s one of very few in this hobby, that I find intellectually stimulating. It challenges me and I like it. I also appreciate his approach of combining finance and this hobby, the well rounded way of thinking. Just stay away from his Twitter conversations, especially those, that have to do with his love for cinema!

Like Matt ,  I  think carefully about what my readers would benefit from and try to challenge them just a little. Something slightly different, thinking outside the box. Something, that defies convention. Sort of like SAHM, blogging about frequent flyer miles. Or staying in a castle, while wearing clothes, bought in Goodwill.

What can I say, that has not been said before? And that’s the  problem. Most of the deals are covered elsewhere. There is a gazillion blogs in this industry, with a new one  born each and every day.

I remember, when I was writing my very first post , my kids were watching an animated film “Rango”. I heard a line there : “But the lizard… he is going to die”. It made me chuckle, because I thought this was going to be my blog. Yet only 3 days later Daraius from MMS emailed  and asked to interview me. I still don’t know, if he saw something special in my posts or if it was just a slow day for travel blog pumping machine.

But I knew one thing. Someone was going to read my rants eventually. It’s an amazing feeling. Blogging is bizarre, because it’s kind of like a personal diary, that you want people to see. BTW, he also told me, he reads my blog. Hi, Daraius! Come, follow me on Twitter. You know, you want to! If it’s good enough for mr. Pickles (real name?), it should be good enough for you.

I am a big fan of efficiency. I probably could post daily, but should I ? So these are the sites,  I recommend to keep track of breaking news : Million Mile Secrets , View from the Wing and The points guy. Most of you are probably familiar with those already. But I thought I would mention, just in case a new reader pops in. MMS is more geared towards a middle class family, but pick whichever suits you best. Then come back to my site, OK? You can always email me with any questions. I would love to hear from you. Don’t be shy!

I will have a weekly  segment usually out on Tuesday or Wednesday evening, featuring most of the current deals whether finance or points, that relate to a middle class family. And I will try to write at least 2 posts per week, that are original content. Hopefully something with a twist, even if you are familiar with the topic. I will always add an extra post, when I see a special deal, not covered in the major blogs. And please, always check my “Best credit card deals for family ” page for an updated information.

So hopefully this gives you an idea on what to expect going forward. Thanks for sticking  with me for this long and keeping the lizard alive. I hope, you keep coming back. Someone emailed to let me know, that he applied through my links and that he liked my writing. Honestly, the last part meant more to me, than the commission.

I truly enjoy this blog. Maybe a little too much, according to my husband! It’s not always easy and I still don’t know what I’m doing half the time. My writing style and humor are not for everyone. It is what it is, it’s me. But I’ll just keep on  dancing for as long, as you keep on watching me!

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