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The rant.

I was thinking, how humor does not translate very well on the internet. Especially, if you are part Russian, like me. We have a very dark sense of humor. Can you think of any happy classic books, that came from our area ? Umm, no. “War and peace”,  “Crime and punishment”, “Anna Karenina”. Someone always dies, occasionally after being hit by a train. Honestly, an american  tragedy would be classified as a comedy in Russia, no joke.

On top of it, just a year ago I found out , that I am apparently quarter Jewish. It was a family secret and they even fooled Nazis during second World War.  So this combination  makes for an odd mix. Dansdeals blog, I’m coming for you! Readers, its OK, if you don’t get the joke.

Apparently, its genetic. The other day my daughter was making up her own song, chanelling Justin Beiber, that went something like this: “Hey, baby, come away with me. I will never shoot at you”. Hey, that sounds like something Dick Cheney would come up with!

For the last few days new Lufthansa credit card offer has been all the rage. And when I say “rage”, I mean the blogs and Twitter have been getting spammed by the exciting news. Some bloggers have even sent out tweets with their affiliate link embedded in them. I didn’t even know you could  do that! No judgement, just found it peculiar.

So as a joke I made a comment on one of the blogs, announcing the offer and begging the readers to come apply through my site. Since that blog is known for its quirky and eclectic atmosphere, I thought they would appreciate the humor. Nope.

Actually, I really am trying hard to avoid any negativity or personal digs in my blog or comments I make on other sites. So if I offend anyone, blame it on my jewish/russian (and also I suspect a dash of gypsy) heritage, OK?   I did get a chuckle, when someone mentioned to me, how I shouldn’t be upset at Daraius from MMS blog for not following me on Twitter, in reference to this post . That was also completely humorous and lighthearted.

I will go on record, that you will never see me badmouthing him in a public forum. I see some bloggers, whom he interviewed in the past, do that, and I cringe. I consider it ungrateful and tacky. No Daraius hate from me, ever! But I might do a rant in a private email. About how he should be following me on Twitter.

Trip report.

I would like to think, I’m giving a small glimpse into the world through these short trip reports. So hopefully, they are not completely irrelevant.

2004, Krakow, Poland. Part of our 3 countries in 2 weeks trip. Like Stefan… Well, you know the drill by now! My family took a train from my native Belarus to meet us there. We rented an apartment, which looking back was too small. We almost killed each other on that trip! Too much chutzpah. Separate hotel rooms next time. Anyway, the top 3 things to recommend in or near Krakow:

1) Wieliczka salt mines, 900 years old. Don’t be fooled by the name. Its a UNESCO site, very impressive. Everything is made of salt, with sculptures and wall reliefs, done by bored miners of long ago. A must, if you are near Krakow. CLICK to an article on it.

2) Wawel royal castle, built in 14th century. Back in the day, Poland would rival  Germany and other countries as the Europe powerhouse. The castle reflects it with its very impressive interior.

3) A side trip to Zakopane by cheap local bus. It’s located about 2 hours away. Mountains in Poland? Yep! I lived in the neighboring country and didn’t even know it. But Zakopane has some spectacular scenery with a fun, relaxed resort atmosphere. Lodging rates are much more reasonable, than Austria or Switzerland. While I’m not suggesting you go to Europe and only visit Poland, there is no question, that your dollar will go further here.

Club Carlson has 2 properties in Krakow, running at 15000 and 38000 points per night. The first one would be a bargain through their credit card with a second night free. It looks like you would need 2 rooms, if staying with kids. IHG brand is represented by Holiday Inn, running at 15000 points per night. Also a pretty decent bargain, but once again only 2 people maximum per room.

Miles and points segment.

1)  Lufthansa Miles and More Mastercard  50000 miles offer is back. It does pay me commission, if you apply through my site. Look in my “Best deals” page for more. I was told, that I am allowed to tell you which cards pay me commission, as long as I don’t say where to find the link. Sigh…Why does it have to be so complicated? Anyway, I do think its good, because that way you know I have a financial incentive involved. Transparency! I consider it a not-secret weapon of any honest blogger.

2) PFdigest reports on a new 2 percent credit card for those, interested in purchasing a GM vehicle. You do get 5 percent back on up to 5000 dollars you put on your card per year and 2 percent afterwards, which can be applied towards the cost of a GM model.  Its not a good card for churners, but may be of interest to you, GM loyalists.  LINK  

3) Various promos and sweepstakes, your family may be interested in, via Michael W Travels blog  LINK 

4) Via Mommy Points, if you are looking to rent a car, check out this National promotion.  LINK    

Also read her  post on earning fuel points on grocery purchases LINK

5) Via Frequent Miler post, CITI Thank You Premier card bonus is increased to 50000 points, though the scheme is a bit complicated. Still, its a very good deal for some. Read about it in my “Best Deals” page. Always look there for an updated info.

6) Via Million Mile Secrets blog, there is a new credit card from Navy Federal credit union, that offers up to 600 dollars in travel rewards. Though not everyone will qualify to join the union. LINK 

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