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First, I wanted to thank  Paul from for mentioning me in his post. Even though the review of my blog (and me) was less than glowing, I got a lot of visitors from it and some have even subscribed to my blog. He  was also kind enough to email me and say that I have a potential to be one of the best in the industry. I would link to his last post but there was some inappropriate language, otherwise I would. Readers are free to go to his blog and look at it if they wish.

Back to business, literally. This is a follow up on something I alluded to in my previous post. You may not notice it but some bloggers insert affiliate links in their posts, while others do not. I mentioned last week that I am allowed to insert some links but have chosen not to. No moral superiority going on, I just don’t feel like it. People seem to find my links just fine as is. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Does that mean I want you to click my links any less than the other guys? Nope. When you go inside the store, does the owner want you to buy their products? Of course, they do. Its the same with affiliate bloggers.To a certain extent, we  are all selling  credit cards. In fact, I would argue that small bloggers like myself want you to click the links more because we get a much thinner slice of the pie.

I have said before that I didn’t find it offensive, when some bloggers tweeted their affiliate link. Why? Because they were not telling me anything, I don’t already know. I know they want it, we all do! Whether we include it in the post or put it in the special box at the top like me, its essentially the same thing.

Sure, the way some blogs push cards is pretty darn sleazy. But remember, readers, we are all trying to get you to buy, sometimes without even realizing it. So when I warned you about the industry and its practices, in some way I was trying to protect you from… me. 🙂

Trip report.

2006, Kauai. One of our all time favorite destinations. Kauai is called a poor man’s  Tahiti. In fact, they actually filmed the movie “South Pacific” right there on the island. Our flights were booked through Citi Premier Pass card, back when they had fixed flight redemptions(no longer available). It cost us 35000 points each, which were accumulated through  sign-up bonuses.

CITI actually paid American Airlines 1000 dollars for each of our tickets and we earned miles on them. I love you CITI, don’t ever change! But please, do get a little smarter! A fun fact: while we were sitting in LAX waiting for our flight to Kauai, Pierce Brosnan came and sat next to me. I felt like a Bond girl for a minute. He was on our flight that day. Sometimes miles and points can provide some truly unique memories.

Our cottage was booked on VRBO and cost us only 67 dollars per night. Thats a great choice for families as well. We reserved the cheapest car but got upgraded to a convertible for free. That whole trip only cost us 1000 dollars out-of-pocket for everything. Though I have to factor in the opportunity cost of 700 dollars in gift cards from Citi, that we have foregone by choosing the airfare option instead.

The scenery of Kauai is absolutely spectacular, something you have to see to appreciate. The north shore is lush and green due to all the rainfall, while the south side is fairly dry. Waimea canyon is quite impressive. It was actually dubbed “The Grand Canyon of the Pacific” by Mark Twain when he visited the islands. We are not into hiking but if you are, this island is for you. Many trails to explore, with some leading to secluded waterfalls. Next stop: Tahiti, the rich man’s Kauai! As soon as I make  a killing on those affiliate links. 🙂

Miles and points.

1) There is an offer for Amex Hilton HHonors Surpass  that comes with 75000 points after 3000 dollars in spending in 3 months. Annual fee of 75 dollars is not waived. Hilton HHonors program is my least favorite, but there are some good deals to be had depending on where you plan to vacation. It pays me no commission. LINK

2) The IHG Big Win promotion is set to return January, so  join the hotel program HERE to see your personalized offer. My husband got one for 90000 points. We accept!

3) An excellent post on MMS blog on how to use your Alaska miles in case you  signed up for Alaska Airlines visa targeted offer, no longer available. LINK to post.

4) Southwest and AirTran schedule is opened through June 30th.

5) You can now register for Chase Freedom Q1 2014 categories. They are: gas stations, movie theaters and Sturbucks. As I have mentioned before, check  Giftcardgranny first for gift card prices.

6) Registration for next FTU (frequent traveler university) is now opened. The event will take place in Seattle on April 25-27. As I said before, by all means consider  attending if you can afford it and if you live in the area. LINK to details. Alternatively, you can attend ITCC ( infrequent traveler community college) in my back yard for free. 🙂

7) If you are thinking about signing up for DirectTV, you can get 30000 United miles with 24 months contract. LINK to Michael W blog for more.

6 thoughts on “Miles and points, links, Kauai

  1. I love the pictures. We were able to make it to Kauai this year by obtaining 35,000 miles from a Citi card. It was the only way we would have been able to afford the whole trip. That was the first time I used a card for the free miles, but it won’t be the last. I’m ready to start planning my next trip. Just not sure where!


  2. Amy, thanks for stopping by! I recommend you look into Caribbean which is a very good deal with Avios miles. Especially if you can fly from Miami using American Airlines. The award chart is distance based, so you can get some extraordinary deals to Bahamas, Curacao, Grand Cayman et cetera. I suggest you look at Chase British Airways visa listed in my Best deals page. There are 2 offers so you would have to decide which one suits your best.


  3. Milenerd sent me to you, and I’m glad he did. I’m reconfiguring future app party based on your card recommendations. I’ll use your link.


  4. @Shannon That is extremely kind of you! I really hope you find my blog useful in the future. I’m also glad Milenerd sent you to my site. I was being a 100 percent honest when I said I am very grateful to him for the mention.


  5. I like the helpful info you supply for your articles. I will bookmark
    your blog and check once more right heee frequently.

    I’m quite sure I will be told plenty of new stuff right here!
    Best of luck for the next!


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