Lightning strikes twice! I got interviewed again!

No, not by Million Mile Secrets blog. Though, I’ve heard, he is starting another round of interviews. So I’m sure, I’ll be getting an email any day now. Daraius, the answer is YES. I would be thrilled to steal more readers from you!

Anyway, this time I got a request from Torsten from Mighty Travels blog. Thank you, Torsten, I truly appreciate it! I’m guessing, two things have occurred:

1) Slow day in travel blog pumping machine.

2) The other 5 guys said no. ūüôā

Regardless, we got us another interview, y’all! ¬†Check it out HERE ¬†And to my visitors from his site, welcome! I know, my blog looks ridiculous but ¬†hopefully, you can find my content beneficial. ¬†Check out “My most popular posts” section to the right.

P. S. To the bloggers and those , familiar with the industry. I know, what you are thinking. Torsten heard about my blog from Milenerdageddon post and decided to take his sweet revenge. Nope. He contacted me before the whole debacle occurred. Somehow he found my site all on his own. How, I have no idea!

The interview was ¬†signed, sealed and delivered before the infamous post. In Torsten’s words, he thought my blog was “pretty awesome”. Now, it only makes sense that he would think that, given Milenerd’s opinion of both of us. Oh, the irony. It can be so… poetic!

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