Our Crowne Plaza motel suite

IMG_1075IMG_1068IMG_1065 This stay was part of our 2013 IHG Big Win. If you haven’t registered for the 2014 promotion, you can do it HERE. It’s not a request, but an order!   At least check and see the amount of points at stake, OK?

We rarely travel without kids, but I was 1 night short of getting my 50000 points payday. My in-laws agreed to watch the kids while my husband and I  had  a quick getaway. So, I started looking around and found  Crowne Plaza in Tampa. The most amazing thing was, they were running a promotion where you got 1 complimentary night certificate with your stay. Perfect! The price of the room was a 100 dollars, and that included a bonus night that will not expire for 1 year.

On top of it, we got 19000 (yes, with 3 zeros)  bonus points by stacking various promotion codes. CLICK HERE  for the most  updated list of codes at Mighty Travels blog. I value that amount at 95 dollars. So, let’s recap. For 100 dollars (plus tax), I got a suite at Crowne Plaza, a free night to use in the future,  95 dollars worth of bonus points and closed on my 50000 IHG Big Win payday. That is what I call a miles and points masterpiece!

Since I am a  Platinum member through my IHG credit card, we got upgraded.  Take a look at the picture above. Notice anything unusual ? It looks like Crowne Plaza purchased a motel and just added a modern wing onto  it.  What they did was connect the rooms on both sides and make them into suites. Sounds tacky? Actually, the result was quite good. This is probably the nicest hotel we have ever stayed at. All the suites faced the pool, though unfortunately, we didn’t get a chance to use it.

The living room had a nice corner leather couch and flat screen TV. The bathroom was huge and quite luxurious. The king bed was very comfortable and had high-thread count sheets. To my reader going by the name “Ramsey,” apologies for not taking the photo of the toilet, I know how much you enjoy seeing those.

As a Platinum member, I got a free mixed drink, a very nice perk. Unfortunately, the breakfast was not part of the room rate, so we had to pay for a buffet in the morning. The cost was 12.95 and included coffee, a bit expensive.Though once again, I was impressed how good it was, and I am not easily impressed.

I think it’s an excellent choice if you are ever in Tampa.  If they  host FTU conference here, I just might attend  so I can stay in this hotel. Ahh, who am I kidding? The other day my blogger friend Stefan (who also goes by Rapid Travel Chai) asked me if I was attending FTU in Seattle. Stefan, have you been living under a rock or hanging out in North Korea again for the last few months ?

I am on a black list of all the other persona non-grata troublemakers!  And I am pretty sure I’m not welcome at the Chicago Seminars either at this point. It reminds me of something Mater (of the movie “Cars” fame) said to another car: “Well, you always did the right thing, just the wrong way.”  Indeed.

Anyway, I mentioned before how Chase IHG visa is my top pick among hotel points bonus cards. We have gotten so much value out of that card, it’s insane. It’s honestly a gift that keeps on giving. Even though I mostly used the points by now, it’s nice to get all the free upgrades that come with Platinum status, plus 10 percent rebate on award stays and a hotel night each year for only 49 dollar renewal fee. This offer does not pay me commission,   and you can read more about it in my post HERE   I am actually thinking about including it in my main list of bonuses, it’s that good.

It was very nice to spend time as a couple and just to relax. I am getting used to these mini- getaways. Unfortunately, my in-laws said enough is enough. So it looks like it will be a few months till we can do it again. I am certainly looking forward to using my complimentary certificate at this hotel/fancy motel.

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