Miles and points, spilling the beans, Fort Myers


Miles and points.

1) Different bank sign-up promos via PFDigest HERE

2) Today is the last day to get American Express gift cards with no purchase fee via code FPVALAF  Bigcrumbs pays 3.5 percent in cash back, while Topcashback pays 3 percent.

3) A good post on The points guy on how you can get extra value for flights with your Chase Freedom HERE  I have been flying for free for so long, I forgot about this benefit!

4) Chase BA Visa 100000 miles sign-up bonus was found, but the landing page doesn’t seem to work. The link is in my “Best deals” page, so keep trying.

5) Some deals, plus Office Max coupon via Big Habitat blog. Read more HERE

Trip report.

2010, Fort Myers near Sanibel island

This was a trip we made when I was pregnant with my son. We had very little money because the pregnancy had some complications, which ended up costing a considerable amount. Fortunately, we found a 2-bedroom condo through VRBO for only 65 dollars per night. The reason it was so cheap was because the trip was in September, the peak of hurricane season in Florida. I don’t think there were very many renters in the building because we pretty much had the condominium pool to ourselves most of the time.

We were only a bridge away from Sanibel and Captiva islands, which are known for their laid-back charm. If you are ever in the area, make sure to take a dolphin cruise and check out J.N. Ding Darling refuge, where you can see unspoiled Florida before the development took over. If you are willing to brave a hurricane season, you can score some amazing bargains on lodging all over the Sunshine state.

On my quirky mind…

I was thinking how this industry is almost an alternate reality sometimes. Bloggers are constantly bashed for talking about deals,  spoon-feeding and so on. Hmm, isn’t that the point of blogs? To disseminate information to the masses and make it easily understandable? My goal is to explain the deals to the public; otherwise, I can just point them to the threads on Flyertalk instead. BTW, if you ever see the  term “bird” or “colored bird” (huh?)  used in other blogs, it means Bluebird. Oops, the bird is out of its cage now!

Now, some deals I would like to hear less about. Like Chase Saphire Preferred’s dining bonus on first Friday of the month. Really, what is the big deal? Are you going to go out to eat just to collect that extra point? Pass.

It’s also puzzling how bloggers  get bashed for writing about  a good bonus offer. Once again, isn’t that the point? Now, some deals can  wait a few days and just be updated on my bonus page, but some may die within 24 hours. It’s true, many times the bonus pays the blogger, which is a very pleasant side effect! I do try to write about all the offers, though. It can really border on absurd. I think some bloggers will not write about the bonus for the fear of upsetting the readers and being accused a sellout.

Of course, since there are gazillion blogs in the industry, those very readers will likely hear about it anyway. Ironically, they will punish the very same blogger who told them about the deal by not applying through their links. Did I mention how this industry is an alternate reality?

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