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1)The sky is falling, folks! Not really. Delta will introduce a revenue-based frequent flyer program in 2015. Read more on the changes HERE

This was long expected and I will do a post on it Monday to give my take on the whole thing. I actually wrote it Wednesday morning but wanted to get more details. Overall, it’s good news for my family!

2) Lifemiles Visa from US bank has an increased offer of 40000 miles. Read more on it in my “Best deals” page. H/T to VFTW blog. Also, google a phrase “Lifemiles to Guam” or contact Scott at, that’s all I can say.

3) Via Michael W blog , there is a free ticket giveaway contest through Allegiant airlines. Read more on it HERE

4) There is a link for Fidelity Amex (earns 2 percent on everything) that offers $75 bonus after spending $500 in 60 days. H/T to PFDigest blog. Apply for it HERE

5) Last day to book a sale fare on Southwest, though they have those often. You can cancel and  rebook at the new rate (whether paid  or on points), as long as the reservation is in the same name. H/T to Deals we like blog.

Trip report

2004, Rome, Italy

I  enjoyed this Rome trip report on MMS blog and was inspired to do my own short version. We only had two days there , so it was non-stop touring to see as much as possible. Que “Stefan” reference. Like Daraius, we used Rick Steves’ guidebook, which I highly recommend.

Look at the top photo of the temple. Do you see a building added onto it? That is a church, constructed during Middle Ages. The builders tried to tear down the columns. What they didn’t realize was how deep in the ground they went. Finally they just gave up and integrated the church onto the existing structure.

I found Pantheon extremely fascinating. It’s the best preserved ancient building in the world, mostly due to its continued usage, first as a pagan temple and then a church. Yes, it’s a real hole, and when it rains, it gets wet inside.

The middle photo is of the Trevi fountain. Throw in a coin and you’ll be back. I did just that and it’s true! Next year the prophecy will be  fulfilled!

On my quirky mind…

I remember reading a post on Milenomics, where the author said he started writing to push back against some of the “noise” out there. That’s exactly how I felt. Mileage runs, chasing status, the Hyatt obsession. Most of the things that I saw recommended in the miles and points industry, simply made no sense for my average family.

And no, Chase Sapphire Preferred is not the best all-around card. Just because you see a highly respected blogger call it that, doesn’t make it so.  The truth is, there is no all-around best card because everyone is unique. What makes sense for  a single high-spender and frequent traveler, will not make sense for a regular middle class family of four.

I said before that you shouldn’t listen to bloggers  too much. I wasn’t joking. I know, it sounds counterintuitive coming from a blogger, but  don’t be afraid to be different and do your own thing.  Just because you see a post saying that you would be crazy not to drop 30000 Ultimate Rewards points on one night at Hyatt Vendome, doesn’t make it a good value.

BTW, I’ve seen photos of that place and I don’t get it! What makes it better than a 120 Euro hotel, that includes breakfast? Maybe someone can enlighten me in the comments. By the same token, if you badly want that   Hyatt, go for it! Just don’t do it because some blogger tells you to. At the end of the day everything we say is just an opinion.

4 thoughts on “Miles and points, opinions, Rome

  1. LOL on Avianca. I am tempted by that since I am aware of (at least some of) the tricks but given their history of instant devaluations, I don’t want to just get miles just for getting them. I think I’m going to get the $600 cash back from the FlexPerks card in the US Bank slot of my next churn.

    I’m interested to see your take on the Delta change – I tend to agree with you that it’s just fine for my family. I don’t earn miles by flying – I earn them through CC spend and signup bonuses, so that’s not really a big deal for me though I can understand why some people are upset (though some people just like to get upset just to get upset, of course 😛 )


  2. @PWTC Yeah, the Avianca thing… I don’t actually have a strong opinion on the ‘secret” one way or the other, but it sure stirs some emotions in this hobby! I do agree, too risky because of the potential changes in the program. The FlexPerks card is probably the best contender for most, though I’m sitting that one out. I would like to get Club Carlson cards for me and hubby in a few months, and it would kill my chance most likely. Plus, I have too many credit pulls at the moment.
    You pretty much summed up what I think on Delta situation. I’ll add a few tidbits on Monday, though. I do understand why business travelers are upset. Delta is kind of slimy in a way it does business. But I’ll take their miles!


  3. Agreed, the Pantheon is very cool. I thought I remembered my tour guide saying that if there are people inside, the heat rises up and blocks out the rain, but that was a long time ago after a night in which I had two hours of sleep, so I may have hallucinated that.


  4. Hey, Nick! I bet, you get even less sleep now? Never heard about the heat part, will have to research it. I really loved Rome, hope to make it back soon. It is a busy, chaotic city, but so cool!


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