Points and deals update, Miles for Cats

1) Southwest Visa increased 50000 points bonus offer is supposed to end March 5th. There are 4 versions of the card, so pick whichever suits your needs best. Please, support the blogger who benefits you, if you choose to apply. Most likely, the offer will be back at some point, though.

2) There are two new cards introduced by American Express. They won’t be launched till April 2nd, but you can read about them now HERE

I will do my own post and analysis tomorrow.

3) A reminder about the deal at Office Max, where you get $15 of $250 in-store Visa gift card purchase till March 8th. I did see some bloggers report problems with the promo, but YMMV

4) Via Frequent Miler,  Topcashback has increased the payout for Amex gift cards to 3 percent. Be aware, some banks may charge you cash advance fee. I have a referral link for Topcashback, I can email you, if you don’t have an account. There is also a code for business gift cards that eliminates purchase fees. It’s FSEMP14.

5) March 7th is the last day to apply for increased bonus on US bank Flexperks card. Read more in my “Best deals” page.

6) I got an email from Tiffany, who is a Dropcam Community manager. She has assembled some of the best live video feeds from zoos and animal exhibits across the country to create a “Virtual Zoo” that you can visit from the comfort of your own home! Perhaps, some of your kids might enjoy it. Check it out HERE

Just a couple of random thoughts… I knew that “SAHM+new blogger” combo would make it very hard for me to be taken seriously, especially in the industry filled with high-achieving business types. When I was interviewed by  Million Mile Secrets, I fully expected someone make an unkind remark about the fact. To my surprise, no one did. I could tell from Daraius’ emails that he was concerned that people would bully me. I was so impressed that in spite of his busy schedule, he took the time for my little blog. Just the nicest guy!

However, later I saw the comments on other blogs. Wow! Someone said that being a SAHM is so “fifties”. Hmm, I thought women have been doing it for thousands of years? One blog had literally the whole comments section of one post devoted to my interview. I saw terms like “twit”, “idiot”, “bored housewife” (guilty!). My blog was  mockingly referred to as “Miles for cats”. Internet is like alcohol, in a way that it gets people to show their true colors. And I should know, I’m part Russian!

Only one person had the courage to call those comments drivel (thanks Dia from  The deal mommy!). Interestingly, most haven’t even been to my site. I was bemused that so many readers (as well as some bloggers) would make an assumption about my intellect based solely on the fact that I am a SAHM.

It really does say something about our society, that staying home to raise your kids is made fun of, and automatically puts you in a “simpleton” category. I’m not here to start the whole SAHM vs. working mom debate. I don’t participate in those.  I said before that everyone should do what works for them. If you are a stay-at-home dad, let me give a virtual high five! It takes a very secure man to be willing to do it.

I  do hope that my blog will do its tiny part to break down those  stereotypes in this hobby and maybe our society in general.


Picture credit goes to southernsusiehomemaker.wordpress.com and scrumpydumpy.com

2 thoughts on “Points and deals update, Miles for Cats

  1. Funny, my neighborhood is filled w/SAHM’s…and this ain’t the projects where everyone is getting a gov’t handout (although I do know some who are scamming Soc. Sec. Disability).

    I have been trying to get my SAHM wife into CC bonus’s & manufactured spending for a while now. I’m slowly getting there!


  2. BB, thanks for stopping by! Honestly, I was a bit surprised to see so many hateful comments about my SAHM status. It’s hard to believe that some well educated people (and most in this hobby are) would be so ignorant.
    This is a great time for your wife to partake in this hobby, since you can once again count household income on apps. No reason not to double dip. Let me know if you have any questions.


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