Points and deals update, Rants

1) Earn free AAdvantage miles via Facebook promotion HERE

2) As most of you know, Barclaycard Arrival offers a sign-up bonus of $400 off travel expenses. However, how do you know which expense qualifies? Yes, direct charges from hotels, cruise lines and car rental companies will work, but what about some other obscure charges?  Check this Flyertalk thread to find out.

3) New PointBreaks hotels list is now live.

4) You can now apply for Amex EveryDay Preferred on American Express website HERE. I have updated my list of best long-term cards.

This is a rant about rants. Last Tuesday I did my little “Purple cow” essay. I felt pretty good about it. Well, I lost a subscriber that day. I’m not positive it was due to the rant, but I’m pretty sure.

I have a feeling readers don’t like excessive self-reflection and narcissism on the part of bloggers, and just want to learn about miles and points.  Anyway, I declare Tuesday a rant-free zone from now on. I might just eliminate rants altogether, though it’s unlikely. So don’t you dare to unsubscribe today! Otherwise, there will be another rant.

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