Miles and Points, Colorado Springs, Bottles

CIMG1263 CIMG1274 1) 1) A good post on FTG (the blog) on easy ways you can increase your credit score HERE

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4) Don’t forget to use your Chase Freedom for purchases at restaurants and Lowe’s. However, check Giftcardgranny first, to see what gift cards to those places go for. I’ve bought Lowe’s gift cards at 8 percent off at Cardpool before.

5) You can get 2500 extra points for adding an authorized user, when you apply for Chase Freedom or Chase Sapphire (not the Preferred version). It’s not enough of an incentive IMO to get those cards, but it may be for you. Please, support a blogger who benefits you, if you decide to apply.

Trip report

2006, Colorado Springs, USA

Well, this looks to be my last old trip report. We’ve had other vacations, but I can’t seem to find the photos. I wanted to conclude with the overview of our trip to Colorado. Some of the most stunning scenery can be found right here in our backyard, no need to fly overseas.

This was a trip to visit friends. The notable thing about the flight  was that we volunteered to get bumped (gave up our seats for a later flight in exchange for airfare vouchers) and got upgraded to  first class on top of it. Living it up with the fancy folks.

Colorado state is truly stunning. Just look at the scenery on the photos! The top one was taken at the park called Garden of the Gods. Colorado is supposed to have that rare combination of high salary potential and a relatively low cost of living.

I guess, there is a reason why Randy Petersen, the godfather of frequent flyer miles and Colorado’s most famous celebrity, decided to set up shop here.

On my mind

It’s funny how our kids are little copies of us. My daughter had this quirky sense of humor ever since she was little. I’ll never forget her very first joke. Those of you familiar with “Sesame Street,” probably remember a character Cookie Monster who loves, well, cookies.

My daughter was very attached to her baby bottle. In fact, she would still drink from it at 2 years of age. One time she was watching “Sesame Street” where Cookie Monster said “cookies” in that deep voice. My daughter looked at her bottle and using her deep voice said “bottles.” Yep, she is quirky indeed.

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