Miles and Points, Censorship

1) You may have heard about Evolve Money service, where you can pay certain online bills with PIN-enabled debit cards. That includes Visa and MasterCards you can purchase with your credit card. It’s an interesting and potentially useful way to meet your minimum spend by paying mortgage, car payment or other bills.

I like it because it does not violate the terms of gift cards, where it says that cashing them out is against the rules. In the case of Evolve you are paying legitimate bills. Read a detailed post on it HERE

Also, according to Big Habitat, try a code Save5april to get $5 when you sign up through April 21st.

2) Check your Amex profile to see if you have an offer of $20 off $100 purchase at Staples. Visa gift card purchases should qualify, though no guarantees. I bought some paper towels and toilet paper (yes, I said it!) at a good price, so check the “Specials” page. (H/T Big Habitat)

3) Starting April 30th you will be able to get 1 free checked bag and up to 4 for your companions with your US Airways Barclaycard, as long as it has an annual fee of at least $79

4) Minor Hilton award program changes. Read more on The Points Guy HERE

While you are there, check out his April 10th post on some alternatives to Vanilla Reloads.

On my mind

This is a  topic of debate in the industry. To censor or not to censor comments? I am absolutely in the pro-censorship camp. I think the owner of the blog reserves the right as to what comments are approved or not. However, for me personally, censorship is the last resort. In fact, so far, other than the obvious spam, I haven’t deleted even one comment.  And some have been pretty harsh or downright inappropriate (I’m looking at you, Ramsey!)

Partially, it’s because I don’t get that many comments, but also because I  don’t like preventing readers from speaking their mind. I have a strict policy about profane language and will not hesitate to delete comments that contain it. I don’t use bad words  and want to keep this blog a family-friendly site.

I actually have  been censored in the comments section a few times myself and didn’t particularly enjoy it. In fact, just last week I posted what I thought was a very helpful comment on a well-known blog. There was no bad language, self-promotion or sarcasm, yet it got censored. Strangely, someone chimed in with an almost identical comment, yet didn’t get the axe. Perhaps, it was a message that my deep thoughts are not welcome on that particular site. I’m honestly not upset, just a bit puzzled by the whole thing.

Very often bloggers use their right of censorship  to delete ideas that don’t align with their goals or simply because they don’t like the person. Some post inferior offers and when a reader calls them out on it, the comments magically evaporate.  It really does a disservice to bloggers who use censorship for its intended purpose, which is to keep a civil mode of discussion.


2 thoughts on “Miles and Points, Censorship

  1. BB, I don’t think there are at the moment. The US Airways card listed in my ‘Best deals” page comes with 40000 miles and 89 annual fee. It’s better than my affiliate link that gives only 30000 miles.


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