All Is Well With Wells Fargo Propel

Well, at least for my husband’s application, as I  haven’t heard about mine yet. Sorry, I couldn’t help myself with the title! It’s a “bored/desperate housewife” thing…

Anyway, Wells Fargo Propel Amex card has been on my list of bonuses for over a month now. I’m not really all that familiar with the issuing bank, aside from the fact that it’s known for  being quirky.

Well,  “quirky” doesn’t scare me, so I decided to take my chances. The card offers  $400 credit for any expense (not just travel) after meeting the minimum spend, a substantial incentive in my neck of the woods. Apparently, your points go farther when redeemed  for airfare, but only if you have a banking relationship with Wells Fargo.

I’ve mentioned before that I don’t follow any particular schedule, but apply for a new card when I’m close to meeting the minimum spend on my current offer.

I’ve read that almost everyone gets a pending review message, and then a Wells Fargo analyst has to approve it manually. Some get approval after calling, others get a notice after a few days.

The questions on the application very clearly refer to your individual income. Since I’m not making six figures from this blog yet, I was concerned that my humble numbers would not impress the credit analyst. There is a place though, where you can put  income that is easily accessible (which would include a spouse’s salary).

As expected, my husband’s application went into pending status. I try to bother him as little as possible where this hobby is concerned. So, I’ve decided to just wait it out and see what happens. The email said that we would be notified on the outcome in a few days.

With other banks, when the card is approved, you usually get an email saying “Congratulations!…”  When the card is denied, you get a letter in the mail. After 6 days, there was nothing in my inbox. Then after a week, I got a letter from Wells Fargo. Oh no!

Well, it was a letter of approval. Oh yes! I told you, Wells Fargo was quirky. For reference, it said that my husband’s credit report was pulled by Equifax agency (we live in Florida), and the score was 754. Very helpful. I have applied for 7 new cards in my husband’s name in the last year, 4 in the last 6 months.

As I mentioned in my Friday’s post, after some deliberation, I’ve also decided to apply in my name. As expected, it went to pending status. I’m still not sure on the outcome, and will just wait for now and see what happens.

Wells Fargo pulled Experian agency for me, not Equifax, like it did for my husband. It is one quirky beast of a bank! You can check this link for the latest data on which credit agencies are pulled by each  bank in your area. You can also find that information for your prior applications by checking your Annual Credit Report for free once a year.

You can also follow this discussion on Flyertalk for all the latest data on the card. Laura from Havechildstilltravel blog reports that Wells Fargo asked her to send in tax returns, so it could be a bit of a hassle.

I will report on any difficulties with redeeming the rewards. Hopefully, there won’t be any, and this is as quirky as this card  gets.

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4 thoughts on “All Is Well With Wells Fargo Propel

    • Nick, I’m very curious as well! Will do an update on Propel and Capital One Venture, as soon as I find out the results. It’s hard to wait, but I prefer not to rock the boat if I can help it.


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