Points and Deals Update

1. Check your Amex profile. Some are reporting an offer for Costco where you save $25 off $25 purchase and an offer for $20 off $20 Amazon bill.  Free money, doesn’t get better than that! Look in ” Amex offers for you ” (h/t Deals We Like)

Also, check Amex Twitter account for all the latest  Sync offers.

2. There is  a  card that may be interesting  to m/s enthusiasts and those who spend a good chunk on gas. It’s Sam’s Club Mastercard, and it gives 5% cash back on gas purchases for the first $6,000. You also get 3% back on travel and dining. No sign-up bonus and Sam’s Club membership is required. More info and application link HERE

(H/T Doctor of credit)

3. A special promotion from Club Carlson where you can earn 10,000 per night in certain cities, including New York and Orlando. Check and see if it aligns with your Disney plans. Redemptions in Club Carlson start at 9,000 points per night, so this could be a very good deal, especially if you have their co-branded credit card (every second night redemption free). More details HERE  (h/t Michael W Travels)

4. In case you’ve missed my guest post on Club Thrifty blog, check it out. It’s kind of a funny story, no math or crunching numbers involved. You like, you like!  Read it HERE

4 thoughts on “Points and Deals Update

  1. If you can travel hack successfully more power to you. THe point is to get points to reduce travel expenses, and not to charge more to get those points. If you can grasp this, it will work for you.


    • @RichUncle EL I agree with you completely! I preach this message in my blog constantly. I’ve had posts purely focused on finance side and saving money. Those two areas and travel hacking are closely intertwined. Travel costs money, and it has to come from somewhere.
      One of the reasons I started blogging was because I felt the message in the industry was a bit too simplistic. Credit card bonuses are only part of the equation. Thanks for your insights!


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