Points and Deals Update

1) Update: The link is dead.

Chase Southwest Rapid Rewards Visa Plus that comes with 50,000 points sign-up bonus is still available. Check my “Best deals” page. Always look there for the updated info.

2) I’ve seen it mentioned in the comments section of this FTG post. You can buy Disney tickets for as low as $71 per day if you get a 10-day pass. You have to select a non-expiring version. Could be better than a CD if you are a Disney lover, with the way the rates have been climbing for the parks’ admission. Obviously, it’s a ton of money, but could appeal to some. More info  HERE

3) I saw a new site mentioned on The Deal Mommy blog. It’s called  Rome2Rio and it lists all available options for getting from A to B, including trains, planes and buses. Very handy for Europe travel.

4) Through July 19th, get a $20 Staples gift card rebate with $300 or more MasterCard purchase. Hat tip to Frequent Miler

5) Final update on my Wells Fargo Propel card: Approved! Oh my, what I had to go through to get it. I had to fax my tax returns twice, because the first one didn’t have the Schedule C for my blog. So, the good news is : You can get approved with very little income, as long as your spouse has a decent salary. The bad news: Be prepared to deal with some serious nuisance.

6) Topcashback ( my link)  is giving 3 % back on Amex gift cards. You can’t use any coupons, otherwise the bonus will be invalidated. (h/t Bighabitat)

7) Citi Executive card offer for 100K miles seems to be dead again, after being revived for 2 days. Follow this thread for the latest info.

8) Thanks to all who commented on my 1-year anniversary post. The winner of my Amazon gift card (chosen randomly) was reader BB. I have already contacted him and delivered the “goods and services.”

And I do mean services, because he also got a free side benefit of planning award flights to Hawaii in August, which I was happy to help him with. He said in an email that he  would love to have me as his neighbor, so we could talk for hours about miles and points. I’m sure, our respective spouses would appreciate that!

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8 thoughts on “Points and Deals Update

  1. I just wanted to quickly say Thank-you &Thank-you again for the side advice on my upcoming Hawaii trip. You got me thinking more creatively than I had been thinking before in my trip planning!

    Gotta run to work!!!


    • Holly, I was really tempted to get that card. It was such a good deal. But I have all the miles I need for the next 3 years, so decided to pass. I probably need to think more creatively and dabble more in MS!


  2. We are thinking about getting another SW card before the end of this year for my DH…but the link in your best deals says it has expired. We will try again later in the year, hopefully it will come back!


    • @Shoesinks The increased offer for Southwest card will most likely come back before the end of the year, so you should be fine. Sorry about the dead link. Things in this hobby change very fast.


  3. That Wells Fargo Propel card was a huge pain! I jumped through all kinds of hoops to get approved (sending tax returns), did the spend and finally got the points. 2 days ago I logged in to the rewards account to see how it worked. It was a ridiculous endless cycle of logging in! I don’t know what’s up with their website, but it’s horrible. Every time I would click “redeem travel” or “purchase travel” it would tell me to log in. So I would log in and it would go back to the page with the “redeem travel” and “purchase travel” buttons. I click them and it tells me to log in again. Over and over and over. I finally gave up.

    Sad that the Citi 100K offer is dead. I wanted to get another one. I am working on the spend for my husband’s second one right now.


    • @Iroland67 Now I’m nervous about my Wells Fargo card! The bank is a pain, no question. I’ve read that you can redeem for statement credit or a gift card. Have you tried that? Please, report back if it works. You might want to call and redeem over the phone.


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