Miles and Points, Just a Blog

1. Befrugal (my link) is giving 3% cash back on Amex gift card purchases. Avoid using any coupons, just to be on a safe side. All things being equal, I would pick that portal over Topcashback. Befrugal is a bit more reliable on payouts.

2. As you may know, the offer on United MileagePlus card has been increased to 55,000 miles+$50 credit. One of the great perks of this card is that it gives access to extra award space, a huge benefit for families, and a compelling reason to consider it. Here is  a post on MMS blog with more details.

3. Check  Amex “Offers for you” in your profile. A few good ones are promotion and discount on Marriott Courtyard stay.

4. There is a working link for Chase Southwest Rapid Rewards Premier  50,000 points  bonus. Does not pay me and you can find the link in my Bonuses page. (H/T The Points Guy)

On my mind

Over the last few months I’ve picked up quite  a few subscribers. So, I wanted to say: Welcome aboard and, boy, are you in for a treat! Well, the last part is just a marketing hype.

I wanted to take this opportunity and explain what this blog is and what it is not. First, my main job is being a stay-at-home mom. That means that very little writing is done during the day. I would love to have a peaceful environment where I could produce brilliant content, but it’s simply not an option for me.

Many of my posts are written well after 9 PM, with me staring at a computer screen in the dark, trying to do math, with my brain barely functioning after a day of screaming, hair pulling… Well, you get the idea.

How hard can it be to write during the day with kids around? After all, it’s just a blog, you may say. Well, come by my house sometime and see if you could write a coherent sounding postcard, much less a post with math involved. But call before you come, seriously, call.

It’s true, this is just a blog. However, I have  high standards for my posts. My time  is valuable. So is yours. I don’t want to post drivel or just state the obvious on a daily basis. I don’t always get things right and have made mistakes on math and so on. But I do my best  to make sure that a reader is challenged in some way by my material.

My ultimate goal is to make this blog useful and applicable to your everyday life.  I want my site to solve real problems and try to fill in  gaps in the industry.

Because of my situation, I simply cannot commit to write about every breaking piece of news.  I’ll do a short post or retweet it if I can, but only if I happen to read my email at the time.  I  go for four to five hours without checking messages because I’m busy with  kids or traveling with my family. I will add that it’s unfair that  bloggers are called out immediately when a better non-affiliate offer is spotted. We are not slaves and are allowed to relax and kick back now and again.

In my blog, I do try to make a summary segment a couple of times per week, but I  can only cover so much. I would like to think that for most regular middle-class families, my blog will suffice.  But if you want  in-depth/breaking news, here are some sites I recommend:

If you want to be informed on the latest flight sales, you should follow TheflightDeal.

For special offers on sign-up  bonuses, gift cards and various cash back deals, I suggest you sign up for Frequent Miler Quick Deals. 

For credit card offers specifically, you may want to follow this thread on Flyertalk and PFdigest blog. The last one seems to know about the latest deals before even banks know about them. 🙂

For every hotel promotion under the sun, subscribe to posts from Loyalty Lobby.

And if you want all of the above, plus every other deal in the world (except anything baby or diaper related), with some breaking news thrown in, you should just follow Gary Leff on Twitter. There are rumors in the industry that he had cloned himself. IMO it’s the only reasonable explanation.


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