Points and Deals Update

1. A lucrative promotion for Amazon Mom free trial, that gives new members a huge discount on diapers.  Nope, you will not find this deal on the View From the Wing blog!

2. Check this thread on Slickdeals to read about $200 bonus for opening Chase checking account  and making  several direct deposits. Apparently, transfers from American Express Serve  card do qualify. (H/T  Million mile secrets blog)

3. I’ve mentioned an offer for $25 credit after you sign up and use CITI Wallet with your CITI MasterCard. The terms have changed, and now only first 4,000 people qualify. No telling on whether it’s still valid. More details on it HERE 

4. A promotion for Olive Garden, where you get a second entree free+Redbox movie rental.  I’m in!

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2 thoughts on “Points and Deals Update

  1. We did Amazon Mom during our diapering period. It was great and rarely did we find our preferred diapers cheaper locally unless Babies ‘R US had an occasional promo that allowed stacking of mfr and store coupons. Back in 2008, Amazon actually gave you Prime for 1 yr free if you signed up for diaper subscriptions and there was some purchasing formula that would cause it to extend the “free” period even longer. I think we were able to keep it for about 2 years. It was addictive and we would order all kinds of stuff besides baby items – cleaning supplies, cat food, electronics, whatever. Because their warehouses are nearby, items frequently arrived next-day instead of 2-day. For new parents, getting things delivered can be less stressful than hauling the kids to the store.


    • Erik, I actually did the same deal as you in 2008. That’s when my daughter was born. I shudder thinking how much money we spent on diapers over the years… I agree, Amazon is great for new parents. We are mostly done with diapers now (thank goodness!), aside form nighttime Huggies. But you are right, you end up buying all kinds of stuff from Amazon, when you have Prime benefit.


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