Check Your “Into the Nights Promo” ASAP

This is a second post for today because the news item is pretty significant. Look to my previous post for the main dish.

Via Loyalty Lobby, some report that IHG has changed their individual requirements for “Into the nights” promo. Make sure to check yours ASAP. If you need to cancel your upcoming stays, do it now. Check your offer here

My husband’s offer has changed, and now it says he has to book four stays instead of one through IHG Mobile App. It completely killed the deal for us. Unfortunately, we already completed one stay. I called IHG and asked them to honor the original offer, but they refused. The supervisor gave me 10,000 points as a goodwill gesture.

I was assured that no more changes will be made and the errors are now fixed. Can you trust them? That’s a million dollar question.  I am not happy about this development, and this will  probably be the last time I participate in IHG promos. As you can see, they can change the rules midway through promotion. I expected problems, but nothing of this sort.

If you do decide to participate, make sure to book a refundable rate just in case.

Readers, has your offer changed?

14 thoughts on “Check Your “Into the Nights Promo” ASAP

  1. Thanks for the heads up. It doesn’t appear that mine has changed…yet. I sure hope it doesn’t. I booked my last required stay last night. It is refundable just in case. I’m sorry that yours changed.


  2. I’ve seen this problem before. I read it was because it was a cookies/cache issue. Seeing that you and your husband are probably using the same computer to access your “Into the Nights” promo, it’s causing a conflict somehow. Try clearing out your cache (or you guys using different browsers) to see if that helps.


    • Chris, thanks for your input! I’ve called IHG and they confirmed that the offer does require 4 stays instead of one. Bummer! In fact, the rep said that it was a glitch on their end and it was fixed as of now.
      In retrospect, his offer was too good to be true. It only required 2 paid nights, and he would get 2 free nights plus 20,000 points on top of it. I just wish they would fix the error right away. It doesn’t instill faith in the program when something like that happens.


      • I think I misread your original post. I thought it was just another complete offer change, but now I see you meant just the offer of the # of nights to be booked with the app download. I double checked my offer and got the same exact problem! No wonder I never got the goal checked off after I finished one of my stays. The fortunate thing for me was that the offer went from booking a night to booking 2 nights, which is what I did (since I was originally going to stay at 2 holiday inns anyway). So this doesn’t affect me as much as it did you for you guys. I’m sorry to see you have this issue! I can’t believe IHG won’t honor their mistake… they’re going to make many people very angry! Even though I’m not affected, just knowing how they handle this would make me cautious about their future promotions.


    • Chris, I’m glad you caught it. Yeah, as long as the number of nights stays the same, it’s not that bad. Well, as long as you can change the booking to the App in time. This is totally ridiculous! I have never seen such incompetence in my life, well, aside from Citi bank.

      We would not have stayed at this particular hotel. In fact, I even booked a more expensive rate! At least I got 10,000 points, which is something. I hate to complain about IHG because it’s been very good to me. But this is very bad for their brand.


    • Chris, thanks! I saw that on Flyertalk forum as well. The problem is: My husband’s offer tracker is not showing progress as of now, since we just completed the stay. Honestly, I don’t know how our case will be handled. I will follow up on it, for sure.


  3. i’m so glad you brought this up! i thought i had maybe read it wrong in the first place when i checked my ihg points last night. mine went from 3 nights to 7! i won’t be participating in any more ihg deals. that stinks!


    • Jerri, I’m sorry to hear that! That does stink. Wow. If you have already completed some stays, I recommend you call IHG and firmly ask for some bonus points like I did. If you spent more than 1 night, ask for more than 10,000 points. Insist on speaking to a supervisor, because IHG agent just told me “Sorry, nothing can be done” This is a PR disaster for IHG. I’m not sure how they will recover from this.


  4. Thanks for the warning! Mine changed, i.e. one requirement became “Book 4 stays via the IHG App” I haven’t stayed any nights yet, but I called anyways and received 5,000 points for a 5 minute phone call. I don’t like the changes, but I am pleased with the result since I probably wouldn’t have completed the promo.

    That’s twice this month you’ve helped me get extra points!


    • Slade, no problem! Glad to help. This promo is one huge mess. IHG has been giving some conflicting statements. The original offer may still be honored after all. Or not! I will update on it, but it’s probably best not to bother with it regardless.


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