The Case of Missing Appetizer and United Miles

I’ve mentioned in my last week’s post that we were finally able to successfully book flights for my in-laws from Germany to Italy. However, we still needed to take care of our flights from Munich to Naples. In fact, that’s the reason I got the increased bonus on Chase United Mileage Plus card.

The only problem was: After meeting the minimum spend, I would have  a total of 57,000 miles, and I needed 60,000. That’s because a one-way intra-Europe ticket costs 15,000 miles through the United program, and there are 4 of us in the family.

I wanted to book these flights as soon as possible, and  had several options of getting 3,000 miles. I could transfer them from a relative’s account at a  cost of $65 total, much cheaper than buying.

transfer United milesThat said, I absolutely detest paying for miles. So I had to find some other ways to do it. I went to and browsed through their partner list.

united extra miles

Here is the page where you can find various offers, and here are the promotions I participated in, in  order to get the miles:

Here is the offer:

“With this exclusive offer, earn up to 1,500 award miles when you join MyPoints, shop online and tell us about yourself. Earn 500 award miles when you join MyPoints today, and 750 more award miles if you make your first purchase within the first 30 days of membership. You can also earn an additional 250 award miles if you complete your MyPoints profile in the first 30 days. Keep shopping and earn an unlimited amount of additional miles.”

This was a fairly easy way to get 1,500 miles. I purchased some stuff from Staples with my gift card by going through their shopping portal and got the bonus with no hassle, though it did take a month to post.


MileagePlus Dining

Here is the offer:

“With MileagePlus DiningSM, you can earn up to five award miles for every dollar you spend at your favorite restaurants, bars and clubs. For a limited time, you’ll earn 1,500 bonus award miles plus three miles per dollar spent when you join MileagePlus Dining and then dine at any participating restaurant within 30 days. Visit our website today to learn more.”

We got the miles about  a week after  dining at a participating restaurant. A side note: We had somewhat of  a bad experience there. The food was good, but the appetizer never came.  I told the waitress that if it’s not ready to just forget  it. Well, apparently the chef did forget it, but I told her it was fine.

Then later she brings me the appetizer and says that she just wants me to have it. Oh, how nice! Except.. I got charged for it. I did leave her a tip, but  went ahead and wrote about it in my dining review, which was a requirement to get the bonus miles. I don’t like to pick on small establishments, but felt compelled to do so in this case.

Perhaps I should have addressed the issue while in the restaurant, but I wasn’t really sure what to say. She told me she wanted me to have it, but she never used the word “free.” Was I right to be upset? Let me know in the comments.


Between the previous two promotions, I knew I should get the 3,000 miles needed. However, I like to play it safe, so decided to join e-miles through

Here is the offer:

Start earning award miles with e-Miles. Join today and watch ads from America’s leading brands, then share your opinion to earn MileagePlus award miles. Membership is free and you will earn 250 award miles after you join and activate your e-Miles account. Visit our website to learn more about the e-Miles program and to get started earning award miles.”

Got the miles with no issues. Did I ever tell you how much I hate survey sites?

Opinion Miles Club

“Earn 300 bonus award miles for joining Opinion Miles Club and completing your first survey. It’s free to join, you earn award miles for every survey you complete and the miles you earn are even deposited into your MileagePlus account for you.

The most frustrating thing ever. I would answer 10 questions, and then  would get notification that I’m not eligible for the study. This happened 10 times. Stay away, it’s a waste of time.

Bottom Line

There are many other options you may want to look into, like shopping through 1800.Flowers, since it pays out quite a few United miles per dollar. There are offers specific to certain states, like bonus miles for switching power companies. Since the holiday season is approaching, many stores are dangling  a carrot (higher payout) in front of you in order to entice you to shop there. Of course, if you are in a hurry, your only option might be to buy or transfer the miles.

And as I much as I hate too admit it, this is where Chase Sapphire Preferred may come in really handy. Ultimate Rewards transfer instantly to United Mileage Plus. Still, remember, you have paid at least 2 cents per Ultimate Rewards point if you earned them through your everyday non-bonus category spending, so it’s not free. Just like that appetizer…

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