Miles and Points Update

1. Flying Blue promo list is out for travel from May 1st-June 30th.

An interesting one is Miami-Madrid route on Air Europa. It costs 25,000 miles roundtrip (one-ways allowed at half price) through this promo, plus mild fuel surcharges.

You can transfer to Flying Blue from Membership Rewards (instant), Citi Thank You program with certain eligible cards (2-5 days, add 2 zeros in the front) or SPG program (takes 1-2 weeks). (h/t Loyaltylobby)

2. You can now apply for US Bank Cash Plus card online. IMO it’s one of the best long-term card choices for a middle-class family, and is on my “keeper” list. Apply here, pays no commission. (h/t Doctorofcredit)

3. Not sure how many cards you can have with each issuer? Find out here

4. A list of SPG changes, sorted by categories on Pointchaser. Waaay better than the official version! Remember to book by March 10th if your desired property will become more expensive.

5. The most comprehensive list of current hotel promotions on Loyalty Lobby.

6. Just a reminder that you can still get 8,000 free Spirit miles for simply writing a quick rant about an airline. If you get Spirit Airlines MasterCard I’ve mentioned in yesterday’s post, that amount would be good for 3 one-way off-peak award  tickets on certain routes.

Heck, I’m getting this card in my husband’s name in April! Costa Rica, here we come… maybe. Spirit, don’t mess it up for me. Otherwise, I’ll make sure your profit margin will be bare just like your fare!

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6 thoughts on “Miles and Points Update

    • Chris, it can certainly make sense as long as you don’t mind the fuel surcharges. Those can be as high as $500 roundtrip in business, but are $200 roundtrip in economy, depending on the route. Fuel surcharge on outbound coach flights is usually lower, that’s why Miami-Madrid for 12,500 miles+$80 (or around that number) is an amazing bargain.

      However, business class could make sense too. After all, other American mileage programs charge 100K miles roundtrip or more, and availability can be scarce during the summer months. I’d say if you have plans to visit Europe and have Membership Rewards points or Citi Thank You points, it’s worth looking into. You can call and put your awards on hold. Keep in mind, these promo awards are non-refundable. Also, see my post on transferring from Citi


      • Yeah, I will have to transfer Thank You points…something to do with leading zeros, right? We have MR points too. Is it typical to find KLM/Air France reward flights for summer travel right now? I’ve been browsing the last few days for travel in June and am stunned at the deals.


    • Chris, I suggest you call and ask the agent to put the award on hold. Not sure if they are open now, though. Their website is buggy. I looked and it shows promo availability, but the next screen shows regular price. There seem to be plenty of business awards coming back, but the taxes are $300. Roundtrip seems to run $540 for business, less for coach. It just depends on your destination.
      I would absolutely use Thank You points before MR, and yes, add two zeros in the front. Read the linked post for more. Do call and get the agent to put the award on hold first, I think it’s good for 14 days. Should be enough for Citi transfer. Don’t rely on what the search returns, as I’ve mentioned , it’s not very accurate.


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