Everything is Awesome in Legoland!

Most families who come to Orlando focus on Disney parks as well as Sea World and Universal Studios. I’m hoping that after this post, you will at least consider Legoland Florida. Sure, it requires a 50 minute drive from Orlando, but IMO for small kids it’s worth it. We love it so much that we got annual passes.

When you get to the park, you hear a song “Everything is awesome” by the ticket booths. It instantly puts you in a good mood. I actually enjoyed “Lego movie” quite a bit. Some lines are just classic, like “A house divided against itself… would be better than this.” Man, that sounds just like miles and points blogging  industry.

Legoland is everything I wish Disney was: Small crowds, short lines and food prices that are more palatable for a middle-class family’s budget. The atmosphere is what I like to call “Florida quirky.”

I saw a t-shirt that had a picture of Ron Burgundy from the movie “Anchorman.” Another guy had someone’s interpretation of what Jesus looked like with a line saying “I’ll be back.”

OK, so let me a do a short tour in photos:


IMG_1730 IMG_1726 I really like that they have  a play area where children can entertain themselves while parents hold their place in line. I wish Disney did something similar. Standing 1 hour in line with a squirmy kid really sucks the magic out.IMG_1738Nope, not  a real giraffe. Just a lego one.IMG_1742 The park has a little waterfall and beautiful gardens (not pictured).IMG_1746Lego City. Very impressive. You’ll find many famous landmarks and attention to detail is remarkable.IMG_1744 IMG_1741At the end of the day you might be rewarded with this view.

There is a lot more, and you can read detailed reviews on Trip Advisor. I think this place is perfect for kids ages 4 to 8.  Older children might not find it all that interesting. There are a few rides, and some are quite decent even  for adults. I recommend you wait till your kid is at least 36 inches tall, a requirement for most rides.

Last time we went, my son almost gave me and  a few other people a heart attack. My husband took him on a water ride, and when my son got off, he ran for control panel and started pushing buttons. That kid is a menace to society!


Ticket discounts

Discounts change constantly, so I suggest you do a  Google search for the latest offers. Quite often, McDonalds has coupons that let you bring 1 child free with each paying adult. This would probably be the best deal for a family of four.

Internet price starts at $65 per child for 1-day ticket, $72 for adult, but as I’ve mentioned, you can usually do way better. Did you know that military members can enter for free, and their relatives can get a significant discount? More details on this page.

Also, through the end of the year, you can save 20% on single-day admission tickets by using Visa credit card and booking through this page.


Of course, you can drive your own car. A better alternative though, might be to take a Legoland shuttle from Orlando. The cost is only $5 roundtrip per person, and you’ll avoid parking fee in Legoland, saving you money and hassle of driving. Check my link for more details.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, the park is only 50 minutes from Orlando, and operating hours are usually 9 AM to 6 PM. No staying till midnight  like you would in Magic Kingdom. Personally, I like it better that way. The park is closed on certain days of the week, so check beforehand.


Unless you are a die-hard Legoland fan, I recommend you stay in Orlando. In all likelihood, you won’t be coming to Florida to visit just that one park, so no point in switching rooms. There is  a Lego Hotel opening this summer, but rates are quite high and run at $300 per night. The rooms do look pretty cool on photos, and the fact that it’s located right next to Lego waterpark is a major plus.

Readers, have you been to Legoland Florida? Did you like it?



3 thoughts on “Everything is Awesome in Legoland!

  1. My kids love Legoland! We went to the one in San Diego when my kids were 6, 3 and 3 months old, and then to the one in Florida in 2014 when my kids were 9, 6 and 3. Sadly, I think my oldest is aging out of it as he will soon be 11 and he prefers faster/scarier rides now. 😦


    • Shoesinks, yay for Legoland! Glad you guys enjoyed it. It’s only 1 hour from our house, so we can go on weekends for just few hours when we feel like it. It’s true, for older kids it’s probably not all that great. My daughter is almost 7 and my son is 4, and it’s a perfect age for Legoland. However, next year we will probably get a pass for Sea World or possibly Disney 3-day special for Florida residents.


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