Miles and Points Update

1.  A possible 50K points offer on Amex Premier Rewards Gold. You have to spend $1,000 in 3 months, first year annual fee is waived. Available only to new cardholders. Try to open the link in different browsers. (h/t Doctorofcredit)

You can also go to CardMatch tool  (my link), fill out your info, and see if an identical targeted offer pops up.

2. It’s an end of an era. All links for US Airways card have now expired. Congrats to all who got in on this deal while it was available.

3. Don’t forget to activate and use your Chase Freedom at restaurants and get 5 points per dollar. Better yet, check Giftcardgranny and see if you can get a gift card to your favorite joint for 10% off or more.

4. A summary of US Bank Club Carlson Visa changes on Deals We Like. I also wanted to mention that I was able to call and get a refund of $75 annual fee on mine and my husband’s cards, plus 2,500 points (yawn) for the trouble. I’m quite happy with this outcome!

My reader Blaine mentioned that he didn’t have success with getting it refunded, so it’s the case of YMMV Still, I would insist on it or file a complaint with CFPB

5. The only worthwhile deal in this week’s Daily Getaways promo is Hyatt packages. Bad news: You won’t get one. The quantity is laughable. Of course, feel free to try, you never know. The sale will take place on Friday.

6. Triple points on Club Carlson bookings, plus extra 1,000 points for making a reservation through their mobile app. Even though this program has been neutered as of late, it’s still potentially lucrative, especially for low category hotels. (h/t Loyaltylobby)

7. Originally, I mixed up the date of this post going live. Anyway, Doctor of Credit blog has started new series “Ask a blogger” The first installment focuses on favorite airline credit card. I’m featured and my pick is Spirit MasterCard. Yes, that’s right!

4 thoughts on “Miles and Points Update

  1. Data point: I just got the PRG for myself through the direct link provided by DOC. Did incognito mode and got the 50k to pop up (5th try). I’ll give them a call when I activate the cards to confirm the sign up bonus. I have never had the PRG before but, obviously, I’ve had an Amex before. We’ll see if I get the 50k.


    • Thanks for the data point, Cheapblackdad! Glad it worked out for you. 50k points after only $1,000 in spending is very good. Both my husband and I had this card in the past. Got a lot of Avios via bonus 35% transfer. Good times… I recommend you try to convert it to Amex Everyday (not the Preferred version) before canceling. The card has no annual fee, and you can preserve your MR points if you don’t have any use for them in the meantime.
      You should absolutely get this bonus on PRG if you never had it before, I don’t see why you wouldn’t. I always recommend you take a screenshot of the offer, just in case.


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