Has Discover Bank Gone Nuts? New Apple Pay Bonanza!

It’s likely that you’ve heard about the new Discover Apple Pay deal that will last through the end of the year. If not, here is the scoop from Doctor of Credit. Dang, do these “doctor” guys ever sleep? I’m sure Discover is not prepared for how badly they will get fleeced by hobbyists. The numbers are making my head spin, but basically, if you  maximize this promo, you can potentially get 20% cash back on many of your Discover purchases (if you signed up for “double” promo earlier in the year). That’s almost as good as churning cards for sign-up bonuses.

Of course, you do have to have a compatible iPhone that has Apple Pay. Don’t ask me, I have an old flip phone and have no clue  about any of this “new age” stuff. If you don’t yet have a Discover card, there are a couple of decent options. Discover It has rotating categories that offer 5% cash back, similar to Chase Freedom, and new Discover Miles can give you 3% on all of your purchases for a year.

From I what I understood, new Discover customers are eligible to receive double rewards. If you take advantage of this offer, you’ll also get 10% bonus from Apple Pay on up to $10K in-store purchases through the end of the year. Some places that  accept Apple Pay happen to also carry prepaid Visa gift cards, so check and see.

I have my personal (not an affiliate) referral link that to my knowledge offers the best bonus, where both of us  get $50 when approved. Please, email me. Since it’s my personal link, I’m allowed to offer an incentive and give $25 (half of my payout) to anyone who is approved through my website. Let me know so I can send the money once I get it myself. Of course, feel free to head on over to Doctor of Credit and support one of the guys there instead.

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