(Update: Dead) Get Sallie Mae Barclaycard While You Still Can

Update: The link is dead, and according to one commenter, Barclays stopped accepting applications for this product.

Not sure what happened, I just published a post on this, but it got deleted. Let’s try this again. Folks, last call on Sallie Mae Barclaycard. Looks like Barclay’s is closing all new applications for this product. Doctor of Credit has found a link, and according to one reader, it works. If you’ve been thinking about this card, now is the time. It pays me no commission, so it must be pretty important for me to devote a separate post (2 posts), right?

This is one of the best long-term cards for a middle-class family. You don’t have to keep track of rotating categories, and payout is 5% cash back on groceries (on up to $250 per month), gas and Amazon purchases. You may want to get one in each spouse’s name, so you can double up rewards.

Hurry, this one probably won’t last!

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