Introducing My MileStyle Brand

The other day, I was watching this segment from Stephen Colbert  Late Night Show on celebrities and their Lifestyle brand websites.  I especially enjoyed the part on Reese Witherspoon and her 4-piece set of linen napkins that goes for only $85. It has such cute Southern sayings like “Don’t mind if I do!”  Ahh, that Reese, she has always been such a down-to-earth gal.

But it suddenly hit me: We are not just miles and points bloggers, we are brands! We  are all “selling” our lifestyle. Well, technically, we are selling credit cards (cough, Support Me page, cough). But credit cards allow readers achieve our lifestyle, get it? Hmm, I wonder what my brand conveys… Want me to tell you? Don’t mind if I do!

To those who just found my site, let me describe my lifestyle, or as I like to call it milestyle brand.

Introducing Miles and Points for an Average (Dysfunctional) Family. I added the “dysfunctional” part for transparency sake. Let’s face it, that’s the only kind of family that will stick around in the long run. So, if you follow my site,  this is the type of travel you can expect:


Luxurious accommodations, where everything is first-class and attention to detail is unparalleled.

Spacious rooms and gorgeous eighties’ style decor. Can you believe we got it for free? Free! IMG_2827Quality handcrafted furniture your children will enjoy.  IMG_0148

But it doesn’t end there! You can use cash from credit card bonuses to spruce up your own home, make it an oasis of sorts. Just look at my living room recliner. Antique, boutique, it’s like an old hat. And by old, I mean ratty hat with holes in it. And I love it!

So, friends, this milestyle can be yours! What are you waiting for?


She is baaaaack!

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