How I Decide Which Offers Should Land on My “Best Credit Card Deals For Family” Page

I wanted to do a quick post on this subject to clarify a few things. You may have seen me refer to that page on a number of occasions. I created it mainly so I don’t have to constantly recite the specifics of each bonus offer, therefore saving time and avoiding repetitve content. But you probably have noticed that I may write a post on a  certain card, but it won’t end up on that list. How come?

There are a couple of reasons:

1. They don’t pay me commission! Just kidding. At the moment, 8 offers on that list pay me referral, while the other 4 don’t. That said, the split is usually closer to 50/50. Also, the fact that the offer is listed first doesn’t mean it’s the best bonus out of all on the list. I tried to rate them, but in the end, everyone has different goals, so I don’t prioritize it anymore.

This page is one of my most visited, and a lot of search comes from Google. So, that means a lot of potential new readers who know absolutely nothing about this hobby. That’s why I try to tailor it to regular families. My goal is to only include offers that don’t require more than $5,000/3 months in minimum spending. Even that will probably scare some, I’m sure.

Also, at the very top of that page, I have a  link to best long-term cards as well as link to hotel bonuses (to further confuse fresh recruits!) Honestly, it’s hard for someone as disorganized as myself to come up with the right formula, but I’m trying.

2. Another consideration is how easy it is to  access the offer. If the bonus page requires a special code/multiple browsers, I will probably leave it out from that list. I border on IT illiterate, and I’m sure I’m not alone. I did make an exception for 50K offer on Amex Premier Rewards Gold because it is such a good offer that comes with very low minimum spending requirements. So, if you look at that page, there is a non-affiliate link and a note to try it in multiple browsers. Of course,  I want you to click my CardMatch affiliate link first! Is my list somewhat biased? Probably. But I try hard to always keep your best interest in mind.

So, what does this mean to you, my readers? Well, you should definitely check that page to get an overall picture on best sign-up offers at the moment. But please, don’t stop there. There are many resources you can check, like this Flyertalk thread (it is a bit of a mess), and this page on Doctorofcredit

Speaking of last one, you should definitely follow that site, if you aren’t doing so already. The writers there consistently break the news on offers that at times, last only  a day or two. If it wasn’t for that site, I would have never known that Sallie Mae card is being discontinued. Sadly, the link is now dead (RIP), but hopefully, some of you were able to take advantage of it while it was working.

This is what miles and points blogging is all about: Bringing relevant news to your audience in a timely manner. I’m not always able to write a post on every single piece of information,  but I try to select important topics that will hopefully benefit a middle-class family (and at least re-tweet them). The goal is to help you get the most rewards via least amount of effort, so you can focus on more important things in your life.

As always, please, don’t hesitate to email me with questions.


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