My Guest Post: Should Your Family Participate in Travel Hacking?

Well, readers, today we  are doing something different. Catrina from MommyEffect blog has reached out via  Twitter and asked if I would be willing to contribute a guest post for her blog. I said Yes, and wrote an introduction to travel hacking and how it can benefit regular families.

Should Your Family Participate in Travel Hacking?

If you’ve been doing this hobby for  a few months, I doubt you will learn anything new. The post is meant for people who know absolutely nothing about miles and points. So, if that describes you, head on over! Either way, please, do check out MommyEffect if you are a parent. There are many stories  and posts I’m sure you will be able to relate to.

For MommyEffect readers, welcome! Make yourself at home. Something I should tell you upfront: This is not a “mommy-ish” type  blog. I’m a terrible cook, I don’t do crafts and I insult Disney on a regular basis (gasp). I’m also not a very good mom. For example, the other day, I forgot to feed my son lunch.

And here is a conversation I recently had with my daughter. We were at the park, and I saw her trying to kill a frog. I asked her why she would do such a thing. She told me that the frog had peed on her, and she wanted to teach that critter a lesson. I said: “We don’t kill things just because they pee on us. Otherwise, you and your brother would have been dead a long time ago.” That pretty much sums up my parenting style. I grew up in Eastern Europe, and that’s how we roll.

Still here?

I am, however, moderately good at numbers and  enjoy figuring out ways to stretch miles and points so your family can afford travel and save money in general. So, rather than being “jack of all trades and master of none,” I decided to focus on one very narrow topic, and try to do it well. I like to think of my blog as a niche within a niche within a niche, wrapped in a mystery inside of enigma.

So, if you have no clue what this all miles and points baloney is about,  I suggest you first start by reading Beginner’s Guide If you have any questions, please check out my Free Consulting Page and don’t hesitate to email me at

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4 thoughts on “My Guest Post: Should Your Family Participate in Travel Hacking?

  1. I just had one of my more impressive displays of self control a moment ago. I juuuuust held it together enough to avoid bursting out in tear inducing laughter after that comment.

    Well played.


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