My Prayers Have Been Answered: Citi Prestige Design is Finally Updated

Have you heard the news, the wonderful news? Doctor of Credit wrote that Citi is putting the magnetic strip in the back of the Citi Prestige card, aka where it should have been all along.

While I’m willing to put up with a lot of nuisance when it comes to The Hobby, my husband does not share the same sentiment. Unfortunately, the card is in his name and he is the spender in the family. So, he reluctantly agreed to carry Citi Prestige in his wallet and use it for everyday purchases. Of course, he complains on a regular basis that he has to constantly explain to cashiers how to swipe the darn thing.

The other day, we went through McDonald’s drive-through in order to get kids some happy meals. As usual, the worker had no clue how to swipe the Prestige and gave it back to my husband saying it’s not working. My better half turned to me and asked:”Where is the trash can?” I quickly grabbed the card from him and said he would have to pry it out of my cold dead fingers. OK, I didn’t actually say that, but you get the idea.

Of course, the re-design comes at the time when we’ve almost met out minimum spending requirements and therefore should get the bonus shortly. This is the whole reason I got the card, and in spite of all the annoyances,  I still think it was a good decision. You can read about the offer and its benefits in this post I don’t believe it’s the best first card for all families. But for some, especially frequent American Airlines’ flyers, it could certainly make sense.

For some families, Priority Pass lounge access can pay off big time. The other day, I got this text message from my husband’s uncle (he is actually only 6 years older than us):

“Just wanted to quickly thank you for recommending Citi Prestige. We are currently hanging out in the airport lounge waiting for our Etihad flight (I helped them book super cheap tickets to Africa). Free food is great. Would have cost a fortune to feed all six of us!” How awesome is that?

Interestingly, not everyone is excited about the new Citi Prestige design. Check out these comments on the same Doctor of Credit post:

citi prestige comments

Well, whatever works, guys. Now I’ve truly heard everything. And I’m sure none of those phone numbers are fake. Nick from PFDigest, I really hope it’s not you. Those poor kids. Anyway, I can just picture blog post headlines: “Get Citi Prestige and Get Some Dates…Finally!” I’m calling dibs on this one.

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