My Quadruple Dip With New Visa Checkout Promo, and More!

You’ve probably heard of  promotion from Visa Checkout (read this post for details). When you use your Chase Freedom and spend $15 or more, you can get $15 statement credit. Free money, it doesn’t get better that that, right? Well, actually, it does!

Few weeks ago, I’ve mentioned this new promo (see details) from Upromise (learned about it on Doctorofcredit). Basically, you refer a new member, they make a purchase through that portal, and you both get $20. I didn’t see any minimum purchase requirements. So, I went ahead and referred my husband. Then, I made sure to add Chase Freedom to his Upromse as well as Visa Checkout profile.

But where to shop? Obviously, I had to narrow it down to stores that had Visa Checkout option. I’ve tried to buy a gift card from Fandango, then Pizza Hut, but no dice. For some reason, the option wasn’t working. I was getting aggravated, but the incentive is spectacular, so I pressed on in my quest. I’ve tried Staples, and it worked!

visa checkout

I bought a $15 Staples gift card and a pack of paper towels. The reason I added the latter was due to the fact that gift cards are specifically excluded from earning cash back on Upromise. I didn’t want to jeopardize my quadruple dip.

To recap, if everything goes as planned, I should get $40 ($20+$20) from Upromise, $15 credit from Visa Checkout, and let’s not forget, 5% cash back from the shopping portal. I like, I like! If you want me to refer you to become  a member of Upromise (free to join), please, comment or email me. We will both get $20 out of this deal. This is a classic case of “one hand washes the other.” You have to be referred  by someone to get in on this, and I’m hoping that someone will be me.

Ebates bonanza

This shopping portal is currently offering a huge incentive for referring new members:

ebates referral 2

Obviously, they are trying to get their slice of holiday shopping bonanza. But this is crazy lucrative. Say I refer you (here is my link, thanks if you choose to use it). Then you refer 3 people, as in your spouse, you brother and your sister or whatever. You can easily make a $100 from this deal for things you need to buy anyway. As long as each of them spends $25, you’ll qualify to get the bounty. You can even offer to split the profit. This is as “low-hanging fruit” as it gets, my friends.

Come on, people, let’s fleece Ebates and Upromise! Who is with me?

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