Did You Ever Apply for a Card to Get Out of the Dumps?

I did just a few days ago. I don’t know if it was the time change, but I could not get my act together lately. On Sunday, it all came crashing down. My husband, my kids, my blog: they were all driving me crazy. Yes, I consider this site a living, breathing creature. Something along these lines:

catYou know it had to be a cat! Anyway, I’m a passionate person by nature (aka super feisty, like a feline) so it was hard for me to control my emotions. I tried to think happy thoughts. I even looked up the meme that made me laugh hysterically a few weeks ago. It said “You’l be fine. You come from a strong line of lunatics.” But nothing was working.

So, I did what any junkie would do. I started to look for my fix. And that fix happened to be Barclaycard Arrival Plus credit card. To be fair, I was going to apply in a week or so anyway. Of course, approval wasn’t a guarantee. This application was in my husband’s name, and he got rejected a few times by Barclays in the past. Still, I had to at least try. He did get approved for Wyndham co-branded offer several months prior, and I made sure to charge something on it regularly. Reportedly, it helps. And looks like it did in our case:

arrival approval

No, thank you, Barclays! I instantly felt a rush of endorphins flowing through my body. And all was well again. So, why did I pick this offer, you may ask. Well, my plan is to focus on cash or travel rebates via sign-up bonuses, at least for the next 6 months or so. I have enough miles and points for a few years’ worth of trips, and want to burn them first before acquiring any more “funny” money. I wrote about it here

Basically, we are infrequent travelers compared to most hobbyists, and I don’t feel the need to hoard millions of miles for an upcoming apocalypse. Arrival Plus gives $400 rebate towards travel-related purchases after spending $3,000 in 3 months. Since we are going on a cruise next May, any tips,excursions and alcohol (not that I plan to buy any) will be coded as  travel. Hopefully, $400 will cover it, unless I come across an out-of-this-world margarita.

As soon as we meet  minimum spending requirements for this offer, I plan to get Arrival in my name. We actually both had this card in the past, but reports indicate that sign-up bonus is churnable. That means you can get it again as long as you are approved.

At some point, I will probably try to get Capital One Venture Rewards card in my husband’s name. It’s a hopeless case for me to even try to get approved. This card isn’t a no-brainer since it comes with 3 credit pulls. Still, $400 is nothing to sneeze at. Next July, I plan to redeem miles for 4 roundtrip tickets to Europe, and will need to cover around $520 in award taxes. That’s where Arrival or Venture card will hopefully come in (I’m not picky). You can read about both bonuses in this page.

Should you apply for a credit card to get out of the dumps?

Absolutely, but only if it pays me commission. No, of course not! I’ve argued many times that emotion has no place in this hobby. Like I said, I was going to get it anyway and couldn’t find a compelling reason to delay my fix. Please, don’t buy into sales pitches telling you how this or that offer is ending…forever!!! Occasionally, it’s true. Most of the time it’s not.

Do your research and pick cards that work for your unique situation. I have  a Free Consulting Service and will be happy to help.

P.S. Check out this article about two garbage men who wrote a book on mental health. Here is just one of the gems:

“Create your route to success – Just like a garbage man has to follow his route,  people should stay on their path to reach their goals. Identify garbage thoughts that don’t line up with your route. Toss any thoughts that belong in the trash and continue on your journey.”

Amen, garbage men! It rhymes.

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Image courtesy of Pansa at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

6 thoughts on “Did You Ever Apply for a Card to Get Out of the Dumps?

    • @Shoesinks I think you should be OK at this point. Though, I know you got several cards recently, so it could make sense to wait a bit to apply for Arrival. Barclays is a weird bank. There is no rhyme or reason as to their approval criteria. One thing is for certain: They don’t like to see many recent inquiries. It’s up to you, of course. I don’t think this offer is going anywhere, so it’s your call to make.
      As for me, I like to put around 6 months between Barclays apps. A lot of it is just a guessing game, but so far, we seem to get approved for most offers that we apply for. But who knows how long this will continue?


  1. Thanks for the info. I’m not planning on applying for the Arrival again anytime soon, but I just never thought about getting it again in the future. I haven’t repeated any credit cards yet, but I guess at some point I will.


    • @Shoesinks No problem at all. From what I’ve read on blogs the bonus on Arrival is churnable. Of course, I don’t have any first-hand experience yet. As soon as I meet the minimum spend, I will be sure to update readers. Stay tuned!


  2. Welcome back to the Arrival club. They are finally playing hardball with waiving annual fees so I think I may cancel and reapply eventually. I love the flexibility, and we’ve gotten so much value out of the card, from Disney tickets, a Disney annual pass, to subsidizing just about every trip we’ve had over the past 2 years. *sniffle* I’ll miss it when I finally cancel. I’ll probably do 2X Arrivals + 1x Cap 1 card next year for about $1200 in travel cash. That’s a lot of Disney trips.

    Why aren’t you doing the Cap 1? The credit dings? Everyone always says its 3 but it’s really just 1 across all 3 reports, so what am I missing? I don’t think it’s fair to count that as 3, right? Or am I thinking about this wrong? That owuld mean we should count other apps as 1/3 of a hard pull? See my point? Do you ever write a whole paragraph of questions?


  3. @Cheapblackdad I’m very excited to get this card again! Of course, there is a matter of actually getting the sign-up bonus. But I’m not too worried, all Barclays cards are churnable. I definitely would not renew it, and yes, I’ve heard they are not budging on annual fees as of late.
    On Cap One Venture Rewards, you get an inquiry on each agency. Most issuers check one or two. It’s not a deal breaker for me because $400 is a nice incentive. But it is something to consider for those who get cards on a regular basis. That extra inquiry could potentially cost me a card if a bank decided to pull my credit from that specific agency. While the credit score itself may not be affected much, that ding will still be there for credit analyst to see.


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