An Interesting Turn of Events With Hyatt Diamond Status Match

As you’ve probably heard by now, few days ago, Hyatt unexpectedly offered a super generous match to Diamond status. Of course, as soon as I’ve read about it, I sent a DM via Twitter. Unfortunately, they would only match me to Platinum status, which I already happen to have via co-branded credit card. However, on Friday, I also emailed them at and sent a screenshot that showed my IHG Platinum status. I actually sent out two emails, one for me and one for my husband. Never heard back…till now.

What do you know? My husband is now a proud Hyatt Diamond member (through February of 2017) all due to IHG Platinum status and a few award nights spent in that chain during 2015. Unfortunately, my IHG screenshot didn’t contain any info on stays (my oversight), so they requested more details. I haven’t heard back yet.

Of course, the 2-night Hyatt booking we have is in my name, and the certificates from credit card bonus are not transferrable. I sent this question to The Deal Mommy who is an expert on all things Hyatt. Interestingly, Hyatt Concierge responded to the tweet almost immediately:

hyatt status for clearwater

Well, my husband is coming with me (he better!) So, I called Hyatt reservations number and asked the agent to add his number. She wasn’t sure if it would work since I’m using certificates from credit card bonus, but it went through. She said his Diamond benefits will apply during our stay. Woot! Free breakfast, possible upgrade, late checkout… And the best part is: I didn’t have to do mattress runs for any of it. I love this hobby! I have to give a shout out to Frequent Miler for his Quick Deals alert. Definitely subscribe if you haven’t already.

So, if you got a rock via Twitter, try emailing Hyatt, but do it soon. Send a request for you as well as your spouse if both of you happen to have elite status in another chain. What do you have to lose?


4 thoughts on “An Interesting Turn of Events With Hyatt Diamond Status Match

  1. I was too late to the game and it looks like I won’t get on the status match–which may not be a loss since I may not even get a chance to stay at Hyatt next year.

    My BF has diamond status (from Diamond match he did last year), and we did the exact same thing you did for our Hawaiian trip! I have a Hyatt credit card which, if you recall, has a 20% rebate on points redeemed early this year. So he transfer his points to my account, I redeem for the nights (so we could get the 20% rebate), and I add his name to my reservation. We got ocean view room upgrade and pantry breakfast at Hyatt Andaz. It was a little bit of work but totally worth it! Same for our stay at Hyatt Place Wakiki. I used my annual free night cert and add my BF’s name, and we get welcome drinks (soda) at check-in, better than nothing I suppose.

    Don’t you love it when you get more than you originally planned with a little tip from this wonderful community?


    • @Katye I’m sorry your status match didn’t work out. I’m guessing you already emailed them? I was shocked when I got a match for my husband. In a good way, naturally! I still haven’t heard back on my follow-up request, but I really doubt it will be approved now. Oh well, like you said, as long as we add his name, we will still get the benefits.
      It just so happens that we have a 2-night stay in Hyatt Clearwater resort coming up next summer. I am thrilled to have Diamond status because breakfast there runs at $20, and we can get 4 per day. It will be so nice to dine on-property and not worry about the cost, especially since we have small kids. We will also have the renewal cert from Visa and I plan to burn some points. So, that’s at least 4 nights altogether.
      Oh, and you are absolutely right about this community. Sure, there are issues, but overall, folks really do try to help each other with advice and knowledge. I think sometimes we tend to forget it.


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