Only in Florida…

This is a quick sequel  to my previous post. Here is an email I got from reader Erik: “Hi, Leana – Your Hello Kitty picture reminded me about this crazy car we saw in Orlando when we visited in April.”

florida car

Wow, I’ve always wanted to do something like that to my vehicle. Can you imagine picking  your kids up from school while driving this contraption? I bet my daughter would be proudly pointing at it and telling other kids: “That’s my mom!”

Clearly, this guy (or gal) has embraced the inner “crazy” and doesn’t mind flaunting it to the world. Hmm, is it their version of Noah’s Ark? I bet you anything this person is a  hobbyist. A warning to everyone who just came across miles and points universe: Figuratively speaking, this is what seasoned hobbyist’s brain looks like on the inside.

Readers, don’t ever hesitate to email me photos of crazy stuff you encounter during your travels.



2 thoughts on “Only in Florida…

  1. Hey! Those cars are quite common in Mpls, but workout the religion. “Art Cars”. I’ve seen cars painted like lakes with ducks (hunting decoys) all over them. Cars covered in corks. Cars with model cities on top. I hate to compare ourselves to FL though! 😉



  2. @Amanda Never been to Minneapolis, so will have to take your word for it! Yeah, I’ve seen some pretty crazy-looking vehicles around our state, but this is one of the most bizarre, for sure. I mean, the elaborate detail and all the animals. How in this world do they stay up on that roof?


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