Using Hotel Points for an Impromptu Getaway With Our Son

Last month my in-laws took my daughter with them to visit some relatives in North Florida. My son stayed with us at home for the weekend. Well, momma didn’t raise no fool! He figured out pretty quickly that he got left behind and started complaining that it’s not fair.

We were already planning to do something fun with him but I was shocked when my husband said that maybe we could take him to a hotel for just 1 night. Why not? We have hotel points coming out of our ears, so we may as well use them. Speaking of, did anyone get any confirmation emails for IHG “Priceless surprises” promo? It’s been over a month for me and nothing. Looks like IHG is just being IHG, as usual.

Anyway, I wanted a place nearby, so we settled on Holiday Inn Express Bradenton West  It runs at 20,000 IHG points per night (or $140 during that particular weekend) and includes breakfast. I won’t post a review because to be honest, there isn’t much reason to stay here unless the hotel ends up on PointBreaks list. It’s not on the beach and  the area is a bit dingy.

But since it was Christmas time, other nearby hotels were not available on points, so we took what we could get, considering it was a last-minute thing. And the place did have a huge heated pool my son absolutely loved. But this is what I loved:



We took him to Bradenton beach where he could dig in the sand. It was too cold to swim, though we did see some brave souls splashing in the waves. Probably Germans. When my daughter got home, my son ran up to her and started bragging about his weekend. He said it was better than hers! It looks like we are using  hotel points to promote sibling rivalry.

Have a nice weekend, y’all! How about doing your own impromptu local getaway with the help of hotel points?

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9 thoughts on “Using Hotel Points for an Impromptu Getaway With Our Son

  1. I hate to hear the IHG thing is a bust so far. I was finally about to commit and start filling out those cards. Maybe I’ll hold off a little while longer and see if yours post.

    It’s so nice to get to spend time one-on-one with your kids. I bet he loved getting all the attention for a day or two. Nice impromptu trip. I wish the west coast had a little more options with points and places right on the beach. It seems like the better deals are on the other coast. Considering an impromptu trip this weekend for our anniversary.


  2. Re: IHG Priceless Surprises entries. It took about 4 weeks for the first email to me. Now I get a few entries about 7 days apart. at this rate it will be fall before I get all my entries. Hope you hear from them soon.


  3. Yes, I got some of mine – first batch of 20 went out on November 16 and I have received 15 emails from that – It took 5-6 weeks to get those and then I sent out a more spaced out a few days apart, around 70 more and have received no emails from the mail in entries since the beginning of December. They are incredibly slow, but the ones I did get posted already…so just waiting now…


  4. I sent all 94 the 2nd week of the promotion. I received 94 emails all the same day 2 days ago! I ended up getting 50,500 IHG points. None of the points have posted to my account yet, so technically I haven’t gotten any points yet until they post. I have no idea when that will be?


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