An Update on $350 Annual Fee on Prestige With CitiGold Account

Well, the plot thickens. Several readers have pointed out that the info on billing the fee every January is incorrect. I called Citi again and the new agent confirmed that people are billed individually according to when they opened the CitiGold account. This differs from what I was told originally, but no surprise there. I apologize for confusion.

I also asked if I have to have Citi Prestige open in order to receive the bonus from CitiGold promo. The rep put me on hold and reached out to banking division. They said yes, you  have to have the same card open and you can’t convert it to Preferred for 90 days. I honestly don’t know if it’s true and plan to follow up. Interestingly, it looks like CitiGold has its own Thank You account attached to it, so I really don’t see any reason why you would need a Thank You-earning credit card.

citi gold thank you acconunt

This is a screenshot from the page you can access directly from CitiGold. As you can see, there is a separate Thank You account  established for both. It doesn’t look like you would need a Citi credit card at all in order to cash out the points, but I could be wrong.

An update: Here are the original terms of this CitiGold Thank You offer:

citi gold account

It does say that your Citi credit card must be open and in good standing. Whether it’s enforced or not is anyone’s guess. Chuck at DoC seems to think you should be able to convert to Preferred, but he is not 100% sure. Developing…

Readers, please, relate your experience with CitiGold!

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