Miles and Points Recap, EGOT

Few notable hobby news items, carefully curated by yours truly:

  1. Barclays introduces several new luxury credit cards via Doctor of Credit. They are of no interest to average Joe, but if you are in the military (I know at least a few of my readers are), check out the offer on Gold version. If you get your annual fee waived, this is a terrific deal. I’ve mentioned this before, but I recommend you subscribe to Doctor of Credit blog for all the latest credit card developments.
  2. Top hotel promotions for January, compiled by Loyalty Lobby. Another extremely useful resource, so make sure to follow that blog for all the latest industry news.
  3. 1,000 free  (yes, really) Spirit miles. Takes maybe 1 minute to complete, great for extending expiration.
  4. An interesting deal in Staples on anti-virus software. May no longer be available, but could potentially give you free 2,000 UR points plus $100 for a little bit of work. Thanks to Frequent Miles Quick Deals for alerting me!
  5. I saved the best for last. A mother of all recaps on Rapid Travel Chai. Yours truly was featured in not one, not two, but three categories, including the most coveted one: “Navel Gazing.” In the miles and points industry, this is an equivalent of getting an EGOT. For all of you country bumpkins, in Hollywood terms, EGOT means winning Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony awards. OK, I’m one short, but who is counting? First, I would like to thank all of my fellow nominees. I’m humbled or honored, whatever the right term is for this type of situation. And I even got Stefan (the author) to commit to finally publishing his long anticipated trip report on Belarus (the “Maldives” of Eastern Europe). Winning! Literally.

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