You Might Still Be Able to Get a 50K Offer on Citi Thank You Premier

So, by now you’ve probably heard the bad news: sign-up bonus on Citi Thank You Premier has been reduced from 50K  to 40K points (see more details on this card in this page). I’ll be honest, I actually thought Citi would increase it to 55K points instead, so am a bit surprised. Bloggers don’t have a crystal ball, and my predictions  usually have a 50/50 accuracy rate, which I’m proud of! Anyway, congrats to all who have been able to get the increased bonus.

But what if you planned on applying but simply forgot,  and are kicking yourself right about now? Well, friend, you  might still be able to get it (no guarantees). I saw a comment from Paul in this Doctor of Credit post. In it he  suggested checking Citi pre-approval offers page (non-affiliate link). Your credit isn’t pulled when you submit your information. Even though I don’t plan on getting Citi Thank You Premier, out of curiosity I decided to look and this just popped up:

citi premier offer

There you have it. I suspect most people will get it to show up if they go this route. I don’t know how much longer it will be there, so I suggest you don’t delay applying if you were planning on it. Yes, limited time offer, blah blah blah. But it doesn’t pay me anything, ha! It rhymes.

An update: You can find a direct link to this offer on DemFlyers blog.

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5 thoughts on “You Might Still Be Able to Get a 50K Offer on Citi Thank You Premier

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  3. Hi

    Are u still doing points trip planning for your readers?
    I am planning Big family trip to Lima Peru. We have
    6 kids age 2,6,8, 10, 13, 16
    2 adults

    Miami to Lima Peru
    Start Around 3/18 back by 4/2
    Could be 1 week
    Have 200k AA, 160k avios, 150k Ultimate rewards,

    Which points shud I use?




    • Hi, Marty! I don’t offee booking service anymore, but will be happy to make some suggestions. Your best bet will be to use Avios for this itinerary. It costs 12,500 Avios one-way with redemption on American Airlines, its partner (costs 15,000 AA miles for the same trip). Check first and see what’s out there. I looked and there is some availability around those dates, but it will only let me search for 6 seats. You might be able to burn miles on business class for few tickets. Ultimate Rewards transfer to Avios instantly 1:1. So, I recommend you call and see if they have 8 seats available on AA flights (you can do a search on after getting an account). Then go ahead and book there after transferring the rest of points from Chase. Don’t delay because your trip is just around the corner. Hope this helps!


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