Why I Just Applied for Chase Southwest Visa and Citi AAdvantage MasterCard

Before I get to the point, I wanted to share  something funny that just happened to me this morning. I was at the dentist office and the receptionist was asking me where I work. I told her about my website, and she was curious as to how I make money. I said I’m an affiliate for certain bank offers. She goes: “So, you turn a profit by enticing people to sign up for credit cards?” I told her it’s more than that but basically, yes.


crazy womanShe wasn’t being passive-aggressive or anything, and in fact, wrote down the name of my website. My filthy way of making money  didn’t offend  her one bit. If you think I’m politically incorrect, you should meet this lady. Talk about a straight shooter! My kind of person.

Anyway, as I’ve mentioned in my yesterday’s post, my plan was to apply for Chase Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Premier credit card within the next few weeks. However, I changed my mind and pulled the trigger now. The reason? According to this post on Milevalue, the increased offer on Citi AAdvantage card (personal and business version)  is supposed to end on February 29th (read about this bonus here). What in this world does it have to do with Southwest offer, you may ask?

For you, probably not much. The truth is, 50K mile bonus on AA co-branded card will most likely live on in some zombie form somewhere, as it always does. In fact, I just got an offer in the mail for this identical bonus which won’t expire for a whole month. Some even got an offer of 60K miles, so watch your mailbox or try to make a dummy flight booking on AA.com

Get it now! Commission ends soon!

So, why did I pull the trigger? As of Monday, it won’t pay me affiliate commission, and this is a consideration when I select offers. The “carrot” is enticing to me too. I actually planned on applying for AA offer at the end of March. The reason? My sister-in-law wants to go to Europe with us  next year. Since she will be helping me  take care of kids, I offered to cover her expenses.

Unfortunately, I’m 7,500 miles’ short of amount needed for 5 one-way economy tickets to Europe. I could transfer them from SPG 1:1, but  would  rather save my super duper valuable Starpoints. Plus, if I get extra 50K AAdvantage miles, my husband might get to fly in business class (a gal can dream!)

Since Southwest bonus is a priority for all the reasons I’ve mentioned in this post, I had to apply for it first. Unfortunately, it went to pending status. I’m not that surprised because I had a lot of recent credit card applications. At least, it wasn’t denial. I don’t plan on calling and recommend you sit tight as well, in case you are in the same spot. Recent data suggests that calling Chase will do more harm than good. Of course, I’m not talking about normal people, but crazy hobbyists such as myself.

On to Citi card app. Pending again… But this time, it actually said for me to call and verify some info, which I did. I was prepared to answer questions as to why I want this card, but they were never asked. The rep just wanted my cell phone number, verified some personal information and issued me credit of $9,500. She asked me if it’s sufficient and I said it was just what I was hoping for. Success!

So, it’s one out of two so far, which isn’t bad. While I would love to get more Southwest points, this is a speculative move on my part. AA miles, on the other hand, may come in handy in a few months. I really want to treat my husband to business class, so this will be my new challenge. I will get my unicorn, darn it!

Should you consider either of these cards?

It really depends. If you have specific need for AA miles, by all means, go for Citi AAdvantage offer. If you do it before Monday, please, consider supporting the blog. Hopefully, I made it enticing enough. Be aware, as of March 22nd, there  will be chart devaluation for some routes. Not all, though, and some award tickets will actually become cheaper.

If I had to pick between Southwest and AAdvantage bonuses and could only suggest  one to a regular family who mostly travels in lower 48 States and Caribbean, I would go with the first one, hands down. I really hope my app gets approved, I’d love me some more Rapid Rewards points. Pretty please, Chase!

As always, be careful not to take on too much minimum spending. I will have to invest some of our savings in various gift cards in order to hit the spend. For me, it’s worth it, but your situation might be totally different. Never follow others in this hobby (myself included), but do what works for you.

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Image courtesy of num_skyman at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

8 thoughts on “Why I Just Applied for Chase Southwest Visa and Citi AAdvantage MasterCard

  1. Where in Europe are you flying to? We’re thinking of going to London & Paris in 2018 and I’m slowly collecting AA points and have BA’s Avios. Can’t apply for anything right now: working on min spending for Fairmont (hoping to go to San Francisco sometime this year). There’s 4 of us so I’d rather collect the right airline points as I’m thinking of saving the cash for Airbnb’s for both cities.


    • Stephanie, our previous plan was to go to Paris. But my sister-in-law isn’t too thrilled about it. So, I’m not sure at this point. I’m hoping for Amsterdam IF we can get enough award seats. That’s the key for me: finding enough availability for 5 because I sure can’t afford to pay for all of these tickets. So, I would say, we are going to any city in Europe where the route happens to have 5 award seats. Of course, it can’t be London because fuel surcharges are outrageous. From there, we will purchase tickets on Ryanair or another discount carrier to Vilnius or other nearby city. So, it will be a surprise! Stay tuned.
      As far as collecting miles for four, I think you are on the right track. The main advice I can give you is to have flexibility on dates and cities. As long as you can get to Europe, you can usually connect just about anywhere for very cheap. You might also want to look into United miles because availability is usually better compared to AAdvantage and Avios. Plus, no fuel surcharges on any airlines. But it’s very hard to say how things will be a year from now, which is the earliest you can book your 2018 trip. Hopefully, you have a Plan B for your miles. Please, don’t hesitate to email me or comment with questions.


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