A Few Movies that Inspired Me to Travel

File this post under Friday Musings. It’s a topic I’ve seen quite  a few travel and points bloggers cover over the years. And it’s fun, right? So, I wanted to chime in and mention some of the movies that inspired me, sometimes to the point of changing my existing travel  plans.

All of these destinations are (sort of) reachable via miles, though, you will probably have to put up with a connection or two and a long airport transfer. Without further ado:

1) Sisterhood of traveling pants

Yes, I said it. This movie is responsible for my visit to Greek island of Santorini. I know, it’s a chick flick, and I happen to be a chick. An older one, with few feathers missing, but a chick nonetheless.

I was getting ready to book our itinerary in Great Britain and then I saw this movie. I immediately changed  my plans and rerouted the entire trip. Santorini wasn’t cheap or easy to get to, but so worth it. This picture was taken almost ten years ago, but feels like it was yesterday. I love this island and can’t wait to go back with my kids.


2) Under the Tuscan sun

Another chick flick. Honestly, I didn’t really care about the movie all that much. But I did love the scene in Positano, see it here on YouTube. In it the gal (main character) comes to surprise her love after few months of not seeing him.

He looks out from the balcony and comes down to talk to her. Everything is going well till a young lady friend (wearing a towel) shows up on the balcony. The craziest thing is that the guy is so darn handsome and charming, the gal isn’t mad at him.

The hot Italian by the name of Marcello then goes on to say:”Well, it’s been a few months, what do you expect? You were busy helping your friend, blah blah blah. We had  a beautiful affair. There is nothing to regret.” And she just nods and walks away while he is blowing her a kiss. Seriously? Slap the loser in the face. I know I would. Do you know how hard it is to get to Positano?

Where was I? So, I decided I wanted to visit it after seeing some incredible scenery in the movie. But I almost didn’t. We had a tour of Amalfi coast all booked, and I seriously considered staying behind because I was so tired from non-stop touring of Bavaria, Pompeii and Capri during the previous few days. Let me tell you, trying to do it while simultaneously taking care of two small jet-lagged kids is no joke. I’m so glad I didn’t cancel!

Some of my favorite memories of this trip are of getting lost in winding streets of Positano.  I went by myself while my in-laws kept the kids and my husband napped on the bench. I stopped in the cafe, bought  a few souvenirs and just soaked in the atmosphere. There was a Roman villa under excavation which, unfortunately, wasn’t yet open to the public. I guess I’ll have to come back.

I walked and walked till I ended up by the harbor.


3) The painted veil

OK, I haven’t been to China yet, but this movie made me really  want to see its smaller towns that time seems to have forgotten. If I had to pick my favorite film of all time, this would be it. Totally underrated, it should have won a bunch of awards the year it came out.

Edward Norton and Naomi Watts tell a story of   love, betrayal, redemption and nationalism set against  gorgeous exotic backdrop of China’s countryside. Oh, and much of the plot deals with cholera epidemic. You like, you like? Not surprisingly, it’s dark and painful to watch at times, but the ending is uplifting, though my husband would disagree. All in all, it’s an intricate tale that is beautifully acted. Check out the trailer here 

Honorable mention:

Technically not a movie, but this video of Coldplay called Hymn for the Weekend   will make you want to visit India, guaranteed. Fine print: Beyonce not included.

Readers, what are some  of the movies that inspired you to travel?


8 thoughts on “A Few Movies that Inspired Me to Travel

  1. Movies are a great inspiration for wanderlust, for sure! On my bucket list:
    – New Zealand, after seeing those gorgeous panoramic vistas of the countryside in the “Lord of the Rings” movies
    – California Wineries tour, inspired by “Sideways”, one of my favorites movies
    – A road trip on Route 66, after watching “Cars” COUNTLESS times with my son, when he was little 😉


    • TropicGal, “Lord of the Rings” movie franchise was definitely a showcase for New Zealand! Absolutely stunning scenery. Haven’t seen “Sideways” but I love wine, so I’m sure I would enjoy the tour.
      We actually need to watch “Cars” again, it’s been awhile. It would be interesting to drive Route 66. I’m hoping to do a tour of National parks in the West within the next few years, so maybe we’ll get a chance to do it.


  2. You are going to laugh…but…I used to fly Air France between the US and Europe a few times per year. This was in the early-mid 2000s when IFE wasn’t terribly sophisticated or extensive in movie selections. In those days, I was traveling so frequently that I would often have the problem where I had seen all the hit and lesser hit movies available on the plane. So, inevitably I would pick something that sounded remotely interesting from the description and watch it. On one of those trips, I decided on a French movie that had English subtitles. It was about these two divorcees with kids who became a couple and in the movie, they go to southern France for the typical month-long French vacation in August. Some interesting scenery and lots of “slice of blended family life” stuff with a decent story line. Unfortunately, I do not know how the movie ended or even the title – since it was in French – because they turned off the IFE about 20-30 minutes before we landed! Presumably they got married and lived happily ever after. When our first child was about 15 months old and we were considering where to take our next family vacation, I remembered that movie and thought Provence and the French Riviera would be ideal because it’s a joie de vivre-type place where you can do as much or as little as you want and still have a nice trip. Perfect for traveling with a toddler. Not that I needed a whole lot of convincing to visit the area, but the movie was a factor. BTW, it was the right choice and we had a great time – one of my favorites.


    • @Erik That’s a pretty funny story! Thanks for sharing. I can sort of relate because I go to Gold’s Gym and watch movies there while on treadmill. I’ll be really into the plot and then we have to go home because Kid’s Club closes at 8:00 PM sharp. So, I never seem to watch any movie from start to finish. Of course, they are all in English and I could find them on Netflix, I suppose. The problem is, at home I have so much to do, blogging included. I know it’s not quite the same thing, but I thought I would share! 🙂
      I would absolutely love to visit Provence and French Riviera, and actually any place in France. I haven’t yet been to that country, unfortunately. It just never worked out. Maybe one of these days…
      P.S. I promise I’ll do something about my font in the future. Still messing with various options. I hope it’s not too difficult to follow now.


  3. Before Sunrise was mine. I am roughly the same age as the protagonists so I could identify on some points of the trilogy too.


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