What Are the Lessons from Alaska Debacle? Plus, a Cheap Alternative to Emirates Shower!

A lot has already been said on this issue. So much, in fact, that I debated if I can add anything new. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, read this post that has all the details. Basically, Alaska program has raised the cost of first-class awards on Emirates (its partner) without giving any advance notice. The increase itself doesn’t really affect my target readership, but the spirit behind it does.

The reaction from miles and points community? It can only be summarized by this comment from a reader, left on a site that he reads regularly: “The bloggers absolutely are the ones to blame for letting the herd in on the party. They can deny it all they want and try to blame somebody else but its crystal clear.”

I don’t know. Personally, I think the butler did it. Anyway, back to lessons. Well, they are obvious, right? Don’t hoard your miles, don’t trust airlines and don’t trust bloggers. Oh, wait…

I was surprised by how unprofessionally Alaska management reacted when people (rightfully) complained about the lack of notice. They said it was the fault of travel hackers. For legitimately using award  rates clearly published on their own website. Hmm,  that doesn’t sound right. They are the ones who came up with numbers and undepriced the awards to begin with. If the deal is too good, simply raise the rates and provide notice. It’s the right thing to do.

Anyway, like I said, none of it really affects you guys because the rates were obscenely high to begin with, at least for  a normal family like mine. The biggest disappointment to most people is not being able to experience the infamous Emirates shower, well, not without burning a HUGE pile of miles.

You know how when you fly somewhere long-haul, you usually end up landing dirty and stinky? Not with this baby. You wash up mid-flight and boom! Clean as a whistle. But fear not. On this blog I’m all about finding cheap solutions to first-world problems. So here we go. First, you will need to buy these 5 things on Amazon (affiliate link, naturally):

1) A clean pair of men’s underwear  (or two), depending on how many flights you plan to take. Most of the ones who are complaining are men, but the same principle applies to women as well.

men's underwear

2) Clean pair of socks:

pair of socks

3) A bunch of cheap disposable washcloths:


4) Water spray bottle:

water sprayer


5) Nice fluffy bathrobe:



On to the strategy! So, after you buy all these stuff via my Amazon link, pack them up in your carry-on. They shouldn’t take up too much space, I promise. Here are 10 steps to follow:

  1. Right before the flight, you put on your old pair of underwear and socks, the ones you were planning on throwing away.
  2. Close to landing (but not too close) you go to the bathroom which has just become your personal spa.
  3. Get undressed and throw away your old underwear and socks.
  4. Fill the bottle with warm water and spray yourself all over.
  5. Time to lather your body with soap by using one of those cheap washcloths.
  6. Spray yourself again to rinse the soap.
  7. Use another washcloth (or two) to dry yourself.
  8. Put on your robe for a couple of minutes, relax and just  savor the whole experience. Mmm..
  9. Put on new underwear, socks and the rest of your clothes (some of it will be a bit stinky, it’s not a perfect solution!)
  10. Time to go, other passengers are banging on the door because they need to use the bathroom.

Boom, you just saved yourself hundreds of thousands of miles. You are welcome! Who is the herd now?

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5 thoughts on “What Are the Lessons from Alaska Debacle? Plus, a Cheap Alternative to Emirates Shower!

  1. I love it! Just be creative, right? You know, two days ago, as I was flying back from South America on an overnight flight on economy, I was developing in my mind a similar idea. We got a very nice check in agent that as the plane wasn’t full, let my husband sit alone on a row of two seats and my daughter and I on a three seat row. When nite nite time came, I stretched on the three seats (with my daughter on top of me, not the best deal but oh well). Then I started thinking: “what if I had paid to travel on a lay flat seat?” That wa as close as it came to laying flat so there you go, lay flat and shower in economy, come on guys, who can complain!


      • Leticia, I figured it was you! Stretching across three rows of seats is as close as you get to first class. Nice! We had that happen once on a plane from Rome to Detroit. Sadly, it was a day flight.
        This post was obviously meant as a joke, but the more I think about it, some of these stuff could actually work.😬 Like packing a spray bottle and using it in the airport bathroom during connections. I just might do that!


  2. I always change my underwear before landing! My mom taught me to when I was little. I thought everyone did that!? Hahaha! I don’t throw away the dirty stuff though, put it in a plastic bag, take it home and wash it. It’s more money saved! 🙂


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