(Now Live!) New IHG PointBreaks List *MIGHT* Go Live Today


Update:  The list is up! Unfortunately, it doesn’t look super exciting.

I specifically wrote the word “might” in capital letters because I don’t want the title to come across as some sort of clickbait. Not that I’m above clickbait or anything, but this ain’t it.

So here is the deal. All of us miles and points fanatics were eagerly anticipating a preview of new IHG PointBreaks list over the weekend, valid for May-July. That didn’t happen. I actually waited till Sunday evening to see if there  was any news, and nada.

The problem is, I’ll be gone all Monday morning and won’t be able to publish a post if the list goes live. Normally, it’s no big deal because, well, there are at least 100 blogs out there covering news.

But some of my readers (I’m looking at you, cousin-in-law) only read this blog. So, guys and gals, at the risk of  looking foolish, I decided to publish a  post about event  that may not even occur. I guess that makes it a prophesy.

Since the new list will cover a busy summer season, in all likelihood, the best hotels will be gone within hours. I don’t want any of my wonderful readers (especially those who apply through my affiliate links) to miss out. That’s why it’s crucial to book as soon as the list  goes live.

You can refresh this page starting around 9:00 AM Eastern. It’s unlikely the list will be up till then. LoyaltyLobby will probably be the first to report on it (if it materializes), so check that site now and again.

You have a few options to get the points right now if you don’t already have them in your IHG account:

1) Transfer  from Chase Ultimate Rewards to IHG  1:1 if you have Chase Sapphire Preferred or Chase Ink Plus cards. Per reports, the points don’t always transfer instantly.

2) Buy them directly from IHG at a cost of 13.50 per one thousand points. LINK

3) You can also buy them via “cash+points” trick, where you make a reservation at a random IHG hotel, then cancel it and get the points refunded. That way, they end up costing 0.7 cents each. You have to have 5,000 points  to begin with. I don’t endorse this method and IHG may suspend your account if you do it too many times, but it’s there if you are willing to risk it.

4) Buy IHG points via DailyGetaways. Keep in mind, they will not post instantly, so this is not a good option for true gems on the list.

If you are interested in a specific property, I recommend you book it right away. Reserve now, ask questions later since you can always cancel and get your points back. You are allowed 2 reservations per IHG account, but they can be for as long as you like.

Bottom line

My heart is in the right place, so if I end up looking like a fool, so be it!  If the list does go live today, let me know if you end up booking anything.


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10 thoughts on “(Now Live!) New IHG PointBreaks List *MIGHT* Go Live Today

  1. I was able to book the HIX Ottawa and the HI in the Adirondacks area. Yay!
    Why no preview list before going live?? Hope it’s not the way PointBreaks is going to work from now on…


    • @TropicGal How exciting! Let me know how your trip works out. It is odd that there was no preview this time around. It might be a one-time thing or maybe IHG is going back to the old way of doing things. Who knows?


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