(Dead) Hot Deal: Direct Link for Amex Personal Platinum 100K Points Bonus for $3,000 in Spending

Update: Looks it’s dead.

I just had to publish a quick post with heads up on this offer. This is as good as this bonus gets, at least for that amount of minimum spending. If you’ve been waiting for it, now is the time to apply. Regular bonus is only 40K points, so this should tell you something.

Direct application  link

See more  the details  on Frequent Miler As you may already know, it’s possible to reduce the annual fee of $450 to just $50 by buying airline gift cards. No guarantee that  this strategy will work, but this deal is worth it regardless. See my post on Amex Mercedes-Benz Platinum version because the benefits are very similar. I wouldn’t wait too long because the link may be dead by tomorrow. Good luck on applying!

6 thoughts on “(Dead) Hot Deal: Direct Link for Amex Personal Platinum 100K Points Bonus for $3,000 in Spending

    • Cheapblackdad, those are my thoughts exactly! Got approved for this offer myself and got one for my husband. Hate the idea of paying so much in fees, but the deal is just too good to pass up. I’ve been waiting for it for the last few years. Now I’ll have to plan on getting Amex Everyday at some point to keep MR currency safe and sound.


      • We got the citi exec years ago and got a lot out of our 100k points. It really set American apart for us as an airline we went to consistently because we were so bought into the program with large amounts of points stocked away. Having 200k between the two of you will be great.

        But 6k spend and 900 in AFs? Not for me. No way Jose. Eventually, but right now I’m not about that.


    • @Cheapblackdad I totally get it, and good for you for being able to resist this offer! I was actually planning on getting PNC card with $300 travel credit bonus. But this offer came out of the blue and made me pull the trigger. The way I look at it: if I really need the cash, I can redeem points for $2,000 in gift cards. Then I’ll resell them and still come out ahead. Hopefully, it won’t come to that, but that’s the beauty of flexible points. I’ve got options with MR points and right now, I have almost no flexible points to speak of.


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