Miles and Points Recap: AAdvantage Program Changes (Don’t Care), Another CitiGold Offer, Hawaiian Transfer Bonus, Mrs. Bear and More!

1) I’m sure you’ve heard about  upcoming changes in AAdvantage program. Read the details here One of my readers has even emailed me and asked if this is something he should worry about given the amount of coverage on the blogs. Well, unless you earn a bulk of your miles through actual butt-in-seat flying or care about status, then no.

I didn’t feel the news was applicable to my niche, so didn’t write a dedicated  post on the subject. Award redemption side isn’t affected (yet), and that’s all I care about.

Bottom line is:  most airlines are moving toward revenue-based programs. Right now the redemption side isn’t impacted, but I truly believe it’s only a matter of time. So, if you are planning on flying an expensive route like East coast  to Alaska/Hawaii or West coast to Africa, then consider redeeming miles for award tickets within the next few years.

Hopefully, we will have some sort of notice, but it’s unlikely that your miles will get higher CPM (cents per mile) on those routes going forward. If, however, you plan to mostly fly within Lower 48 states, then you will probably be happy if all airlines will implement a revenue-based  award program. Delta is already half way there.

If value ends up similar to Southwest and Jet Blue, and it probably will be since airlines are copycats, you should get around 1.5 cents per mile. Winning!

2) Citibank is offering a $400 checking bonus with $15,000 initial deposit. Now, before you lash out at me in the comments section, it is open to everyone. Make sure to read the terms, as always.

3) Up to $450 sign-up bonus on Amex Blue Cash Preferred via incognito browser /VPN trick. Before you get too excited, a good chunk of the bonus is tied to cell phone expenses.

4) 25% transfer bonus form Amex Membership Rewards  to Hawaiian program through 6/21/16. This could be decent value for flights to Hawaii from mainland if you live near an airport served by that airline. The best deal is non-stop route from New York to Honolulu. Regular price in economy (saver level) is 20,000 miles, so you would need to transfer 16,000 MR points in order to cover the ticket. Of course, first, you need to find availability.

For most people, the best use is to redeem the miles for inter-island Hawaii flights (regular price is 7,500 miles one-way), where availability is usually excellent.

5) The sign-up bonus on Citi AAdvantage Executive World Elite MasterCard is increased to 60,000 miles after spending $5,000 in 3 months What’s not to like? Well, $450 annual fee (not waived), that’s what! Sure, you get access to a lounge, blah blah blah. Still, I don’t see anything super exciting here, and the offer pays me commission, so that should tell you something.

Bottom line: If you absolutely need AAdvantage miles for a specific award, this could be a cheap way to buy them.

6) Random drivel alert! A heartwarming story of how one Russian couple has adopted a bear 23 years ago. Aww, what a nice happy family! And they say the bear has never even try to bite them. Hmm, my kids have been asking for a pet. Wait, what?


Oh yes, it’s real!

(hat tip to Reddit)

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    • Caveman, yes, I do get commission on Citi Prestige. In fact, I checked and I just got approval recorded on it from 10 days ago, so it must have been yours. Thank you so much!!! I really appreciate it. It was very kind of you to support my blog, I know you have many choices.


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